20 January 2014

I had a dream

Okay, I get that there are things that make up our conscious mind and things that make up our subconscious mind and all of this works together in some mysterious way.

And I get that quite often our subconscious mind works overtime when we are at rest and seemingly influences our dreams.  Which is why our dreams are supposed to be significant if we remember them when we awake.

So work with me here.

Last night I had a dream that I had taken the girls to a "Fun House".  There was a gift shop and admissions area downstairs and you caught a lift upstairs (unless you were afraid of lifts in which you had to pay extra to use the escalator)

Once upstairs, instead of rooms, there was a huge beach complete blue skies, light breeze etc.  With a counter running the entire one side of the beach where you could purchase refreshments, books, newspapers, and souvenirs.  On the other side of the beach, the water stretched away into the horizon.  It was a proper beach, an Australian one with white sand, shells and lots of people sweating suncream and lazing about on towels under umbrellas.

I settled in under an umbrella that was emblazoned with my new business' logo, and the girls went off to play while I chilled out, reading 'The Railway Man' and watching the girls.  They were part of a performing jet-skiing team - doing formations and amazing stunts, bouncing over the waves like total experts.  In the dream they are exactly as they are now - the younger aged 21 months and the older almost 3.5 years old.  They wore helmets and their favourite swimmers.  I was very proud of them and took lots of pictures which of course I posted on Instagram.

This is not really them
because it was a dream
so don't look for it on instagram
Oddly, I wasn't at the beach with Nick, but his absence wasn't sinister or anything - just like he was at work.  But I was accompanied by a beardless, floppy haired Russell Crowe.  Aha! Fantasy I hear you say!  But here's the thing.  He's not (sorry Russ) and he was attired in pirate finery, and he had two 'peg legs'.  Not one. Two.  And he wore a watch made of feathers and he was there to watch his kids in the 'dolphin chariot race'.  And it didn't seem odd that he was a pirate or that there was such a thing as dolphin chariot races.


Apparently Russell's kids are the current world champions.

Russell and I were taking turns like any event you go to with a fellow parent, one would go to the toilet or to get lemonades or whatever and the other would watch the children.  It was a lovely, non-eventful day.

Then all of a sudden, a storm blew in and it started raining, turning the beach into a giant marshmellow.  A huge emergency siren went off and people were desperately trying to get into the lifts to leave.  Security guards were not letting people without the right tickets use the escalators and people were getting really frantic as one lift had gone out and people were having to wait for just one lift but yet the escalators were running with nobody on them.

In the midst of this, I was trying to find the girls who were not where they were supposed to be and somebody tried to steal my purse.  Russell got all Karate Kid on the thief, even saying 'wax on, wax off' as he knocked him out.  Then I saw the girls by the lift, holding onto the hands of the security guard looking for me.

Remember this?
So I bounced over to them on the marshmellow and managed to squeeze into a lift by being completely rude to the people already queuing and only feeling a little bit guilty, because I was just relieved I had my girls safe.  I said bye to Russell and his kid as they had escalator tickets.  The lift opened at the bottom and we headed out into the Big W at Top Ryde shopping centre, just by the book section and....


Nothing.  I don't know if I woke up or the dream ended just there.

Now, dear people - explain THAT dream to me.  Because all I'm thinking is that my subconscious needs to lay off the cheese and bikkies on the weekend.

Any clues?  Or do you regularly have obscure dreams?

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