14 January 2014

Three little words

So there is this guy Trevor Young who is known as the PR Warrior.  I first met him at the ProBlogger conference I went to last year where I was massively inspired by the confidence and kindness of so many successful bloggers and entrepreneurs. I wrote a post called 'Big Love and Blogging' if you missed it.

Anyway, back to Trevor Young who I didn't actually write about (sorry Trevor).  I read his post detailing his year in review and the three words he was going to use as his guides and inspirations for 2014.  And I trawled through posts from the people he found inspirational, and the people in the Twitterverse discussing it and I thought - I like this. I really do.

Three words to give focus to a year that will be either "Awesome" or "Um, er, unsure what happened there"

And you know why?  Because it is so easy just to do today as you did yesterday.  Which means tomorrow will look like today, which looked like yesterday.  And I live in constant fear of waking up one day and finding out I went nowhere and did nothing.

So here goes.  My three words are:

... in myself, in others, in success, in happiness, in life, in a world where empathy and compassion are proactively practiced.  To ignore the dissenters and rise above my internal voices.  To believe I can make a success of my new business, my blog and this infernal half marathon.  To believe I can make a difference to the Australia and the world I live in. To believe that change can and will happen.  To believe I'm going in the right direction, even when I forget to take the map.

And that rhinos are unicorns in disguise.

... to do the things I've never done, to try things that I haven't tried, to say things I've never said, to be silent where I was never silent and to act in ways I've never had the courage to act.  I am going to dare to speak up when it is right, to always challenge apathy, ignorance and bigotry. I am going to dare to live as the kind of woman I want my daughters to aspire to be.

And maybe even do that skydiving thing.

... because I am woman, for my children, for my husband, for myself, for all those that can not roar for themselves.  I am roaring to rev myself up, to find the my 'Serena' grunt, to cover the sound of my own terrified heartbeat.  I am  roaring in voice, online, on paper, in action, in attitude.  I am roaring for those that can not roar, that will not roar and that have not known the freedom to roar.

And because sometimes I just like to be loud.

So what do you think?  Three little words for me to live by in 2014.

What are yours?  

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  1. Thanks for the shout-out Alison - it was no secret that I was initially devastated at not being mentioned in your Problogger event wrap-up, although four months with a therapist has definitely helped. But I digress ...

    Strong and powerful words you've got there - I particularly like ROAR! That is one word that is going to drive you well into 2014!

    - Trevor

    P.S. Lemme know when you've found your 'Serena' grunt