16 January 2014

Understanding blah blah blah

This quote on a friend's feed on the faceybook. 

"With no understanding, there can be no acceptance."  

It's obviously spoken to her.  It did not speak to me. 

I've googled it and I and the closest I can come to putting the quote into context is JK Rowling's "Understanding is the first step to acceptance, and acceptance is the first step towards recovery". From Harry Potter's Goblet of Fire apparently.

Otherwise, I don't know where it came from.

Even so, I still cry "Bullshit"

Let me start by saying that understanding things is indeed brilliant.  But you don't have to understand everything to accept it. 

I don't understand how my car works, but I still drive it. 

I don't understand how flying works, but I still get in aeroplanes.

I don't understand how electricity works, but I still use lights.

I don't understand how anyone voted for Tony Abbott and his cronies, but I accept that is how democracy works.

I don't understand what goes on in my husband's head about 85% of the time, but I still love him.

I don't understand how my body created such two awesome human beings but I'm still claiming all the credit for the most amazing, interesting and beautiful girls ever to be born.

Bet the Wright Brothers didn't understand their wives
Sure you can read about these things, learn lots of stuff and connect the dots and say 'AHA, now I get it', but there is an awful lot of things out there in the universe and if you had to understand everything fully before you accepted it, used it, embraced it, tried it, sang it, loved it, sold it, bought it, shared it, walked it, read it, lived it.... you'd be..... ummm... busy.  And really really freaking boring.

I bet you don't understand how the internet works in all it's entirety but yet you are reading this because of it.

Cool huh? (And thanks... I appreciate you coming by!)

And people - understanding them first before you accept them?  You'd have no friends.  If we had to waste all that time understanding our friends before we accepted them, we'd be lonelier than a very lonely thing.

And it would take all the fun out of it.  Sometimes to not fully understand is what keeps it interesting.

There are definitely things in the world that we do not understand and we do not accept.  There are things we should try and change.  Mullet haircuts.  The Kardashians.  Cross-fit. 

But otherwise, move on. Embrace the mystery. Enjoy the journey.  

Go on. I dare you.  

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