14 February 2014

Buying into Valentine's Day? Hell Yeah

Do we 'celebrate' Valentine's Day?

Hell to the yeah.  The same way we do every year - pizza, bottle of wine, DVD and a card.  Sometimes a present but sometimes not. Depends on how we feel the week before when we discuss it.

Our last childless Valentine's - see how well rested we look
And yes I know Hallmark makes money out of Valentine's Day.  I know it's crassly commercialised and blah blah blah but STOP, you're boring me.

Why wouldn't I buy into something which encourages people TO BE NICE TO EACH OTHER.

I don't care what the excuse is, it's a lovely way to stop and remember to say I love you. If you've got the dosh and want to shout your lover a trip to Fiji, or a big fancy piece of jewellery.  Go bonkers.  Why not?  Sure we shouldn't need the excuse but the fact is most of us are just busy getting on with our lives most days and forget to be all spontaneous and romantic.  Some days we even forget to just be nice to each other let alone nice enough to say 'I love you'.

And single people - send Valentines, organise group dinners with other friends and get drunk in the middle of the most romantic restaurant you can find and end the night serenading strangers with 'Baby baby, I get down on my kneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees to you'.  The Righteous Brothers and Top Gun didn't make that a hit for nothing!

If you're married to a guy named Andrew who has a birthday today, you don't need Valentine's day because you can already spoil him with presents because it's his birthday and throw in a free I love you in the card. BONUS!

So don't apologise for being a romantic, and don't apologise for not being.  You don't have to buy in, you don't have to buy presents, or cards or anything, just remember to take the opportunity to be actively lovely to people that you care about.  And for god's sake stop bitching about successful marketing campaigns and crass commercialisation.  Because it just makes you look like a miserable arse.

PS: If you have the money to send somebody to Fiji for the weekend but no-one to send - email me and I'll send you my address so you can pick me and my passport up on the way to the airport.

And nope, I don't need to take the hubby, he'll be happy if I'm happy - right sweetheart??


  1. Love it!!! I totally agree. Yep it's commercialised. Yep it is all about spending money... If you make it that way! My hubby and I don't really do anything but if we do, it is usually small and nothing outrageous. Just a token of our love for each other. Love your work