19 February 2014

Run Diary 2014 - Week One - Oh Shit

The goal is the ultra-half marathon on the Great Ocean Road on 18 May.

The reason? Money.  Not for me unfortunately - for Cure Cancer.

What does a half marathon look like?  Insanity my friends - absolutely insanity.

This is the elevation map. It shows HILLS.

How was week one of training?  Painful.

As always a really lovely bunch of people make up the training group.  The team captain, the mentors and the coach - all delightful.  In fact, if it wasn't for the running thing, I'd really enjoy catching up with these people.

The coach is a professional triathlete.  She exercises not for fun but just because that is her job.  This is so inexplicable to me I've decided to focus on the fact that seems okay with the fact that she has me in her training squad, so she's obviously up for a challenge.  And that's an admirable quality in anybody!

My first Wednesday night training session was a disaster.  I had not eaten enough that day and got very dizzy running around in circles on the oval trying to breathe properly.  And because I'm THAT smartarse in the group, it was mildly embarrassing.  If you're going to be a smartarse, you've got to keep up. First rule of smartarse.

Then on Saturday morning, we headed off for a 45 minute run or 6 km, whichever.  I made 5.25 kilometres in my 48 minutes and didn't die.  Lots of people kept talking to me though and when you're concentrating on just breathing, talking doesn't work but nor do you have the energy to trip them up so it works out for everybody.

Got some great advice from the coach on breathing though....I do it wrong.  I only use my mouth and if you want to make running easier you are supposed to breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth.  Who knew I was so ill equipped for exercise I don't even breathe correctly.

Monday night run and fit - to help me build up my (currently non-existent) fitness.  This was like turning up to class taught in a language you don't speak.  Squat and box, scissor kicks vertical, hop and squats, planks, lunges, star jumps, weird arse star jumps, crunches and so on.  All I can tell you I HAVE NO CORE.  The doctors must have cut it out when they took my babies out.  By the time we'd finished all this up and downing (exercise apparently), we had to go for a WARM DOWN RUN.  I could barely lift my legs up the hill.

It is now two days later and it still hurts to laugh.  Who knew the stomach had so many muscles I haven't been using.

Anyway, people donated and thanks for that.  I'm a little bit closer than before.  I haven't killed any of the eternally cheerful people that surround me at each session and we only have 13 weeks to go.

Anything is possible

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