26 February 2014

The Run Diary - Week 2 - Slowly Slowly

I'm keeping this short and sweet people.

In this past week

  • I ran my five kilometre time trial (result: I run very slowly) but I ran the whole way so I was quite pleased with myself
  • Discovered it is possible to get pins and needles in one leg all the way up to your thigh while running. It is a very uncomfortable feeling
  • Did 100 squats.  They might not have been the lowest squats ever but I did them.
  • I learnt how to do a left jab, right hook, and some weird hopping punch down move. It's boxing but not as you know it.  Not when I do it anyway.  Joey promises me it will help me run better.
  • I worked out to make my special running watch tell me things in kilometres rather than miles. 
  • I can advise that underpants choice is important.
  • I learnt that chaffing caused by a wet sports bra (rainy run) makes day to day life incredibly painful.
She started this. Lucky I love her
My personal goal for the 23 kilometres is to make it without doing something daft like tripping over my own feet and breaking a limb.  Some of the people in my training group are focussed on personal best times (indicating they have run a half marathon before), some on achieving something personal for themselves, but me, I'm doing it for the money.  

And for Ms D.  Because she's lovely and cancer sucks.  

Though the number one learning for this week? It is possible to run even slower than you walk. Yes. Yes it is.  

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