27 February 2014

We met Peppa Pig and are supporting The Big Splash

In our house at the moment all we think about can be shown in the chart below:

As you can see - my beautiful man and I are out of step with the ruling parties.

However, last week we had the opportunity to meet Peppa Pig who was in town to launch "The Big Splash" which is an initiative of Life's Little Treasures Foundation.  They raise funds to support premature or sick babies so that they can grow up to drive their parents demented watching the same Peppa Pig episode on repeat for approximately 24 billion hours.

Meeting Peppa Pig had the girls so ridiculously excited they woke up even earlier than they normally do. Like so early it was practically still the day before.  However, off we went in our best party dresses to meet with the girl herself.

For those unfamiliar with Peppa Pig she is a subversive feminist character designed to instil a love of muddy puddles and anarchic behaviour in small people.  She is supported in this by an assortment of other animals representing leftie bleeding heart ethics.

Or the other view is that she is a small pink cartoon pig in a red dress, who likes to jump in muddy puddles and explore the world with her brother George, her parents and various extended family and friends. Children like the show because it's bright, cheerful, funny and friendly.  Parents like it because it makes their children happy.

Anyhow, it was a lovely morning.  When Peppa Pig made her entrance, Cassidy went rigid with shock and fear and spent the whole time burrowed into my shoulder.  Tully and her friend Millie generally fangirled her in the way that three year olds do and then we went and participated in the big splash activity.  This involved approximately 20 children screaming in delight and jumping up and down in the pool, kicking their feet and generally behaving like children.  It is without a doubt, the easiest party you could ever throw in your life.




And you can do it for a good cause either in your backyard, at the beach or at the local pool.  And if you do it in your backyard and it rains on the day, just dig a hole for the genuine muddy puddle experience. I'm such a thinker.  The parties can happen any time between 1 March and 30 April and best of all, if you are awesome at the fundraising there are prizes to be won courtesy of Peppa Pig.

Go to THE BIG SPLASH for more information and register your own party.

In the meantime if you go to the Talking Frankly Facebook page and share this post with all your friends before Thursday, 6 March at 12 noon ADST, you go into the running to win THIS

         and THIS  

Which I appreciate wont get you very excited but will make you the most popular person to any small people you know, so get splashing my friends.

*Please note that this is not a paid post however we did get to meet Peppa Pig and the giveaway is coming from Peppa Pig via Kids Business who have supported the launch of The Big Splash on behalf of Life's Little Treasure's Foundation. Oh and the girls scored a towel each and free cupcakes and yoghurts.  

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