4 February 2014

Working from home

The biggest challenge about working from home?  Is well, working from home.

There are no people idly gossiping about television.  When you read something that really gets you excited or pumped up, the only person you can tell is yourself.  Nobody offers to get you a drink when they are popping out for a coffee.  You frequently lose track of time. You go to get up from your work desk and step on a tiny Dora the explorer game piece and you can't complain to OHS about workplace hazards.  You work a whole lot harder because there are no distractions.  When the computer goes bust you can't just wander around to Tan's desk and ask him to fix it for you even though he's not the guy you're supposed to ask. 

Under the desk in my home office
I do miss being surrounded by people. I'm a social being, I thrive on interaction with others and now I can go days where I don't get to have idle conversation, or quick lunches with friends. I don't know how people worked from home before social media.  At least I'm able to check Facebook and find out who needs more coffee.  It might not be the same as an animated conversation about the state of the world but it's something. 

There are definite positives. Mark Dapin is back on the internet and dabbling with communicating with people and he's a funny bugger.  I don't have to get out of my pyjamas unless I'm doing the childcare drop off.  I can play music as loud as I want to play it and it doesn't even have to be socially acceptable music. I don't have to share the toilet, lunches are much cheaper and there are no d(*&heads in my office space.

Well mostly.  Even I have my moments.

See, I couldn't share that joke with anybody. I had to laugh at it myself and just imagine you all rolling your eyes  I'm worried I might lose my comic timing.  Lost the dexterity in my sarcasm.  I will have to catastrophise my possible demise WITH NO AUDIENCE.

Or I could blog.  Sorted.  Now back to that proposal I was writing.

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