3 March 2014

The one where I'm defeated by a toddler

The conundrum that faced me on the weekend was my 23 month old child REFUSING to get dressed unless she could wear 'The Princess'.

Banshee behaviour.  Put in time out behaviour. Shouty mum behaviour. "We were having guests GIRLFRIEND. JUST CHOOSE A FLIPPIN' OUTFIT."

And you know what? She refused.


Wildly. Loudly. Physically. Completely.  

I honestly don't mind what my girls do or don't wear.  If I choose an outfit and they have a desire to wear a skirt rather than shorts - fine.  If they choose items which break every fashion rule in the house, not a bother. Because they are just clothes.  The do not maketh the man or woman no matter what the magazines tell you. 

But.  We don't have 'The Princess'.  Nothing in their wardrobes is princessy.  We don't have "I'm the princess, that's why!" tee shirts.  We have nothing with Kate Middleton on it.  Nothing with Disney maidens.  Nothing.  Not a single ball gown in the wardrobe.  I am not a supporter of either the Monarchy or archaic representations of women.  Princesses will probably feature at some stage, I get that I can't influence their fan-girl moments forever.  But at the moment, apart from the odd tiara in the dress up box - I'm winning.

And I was flummoxed because I didn't have a clue how to resolve it for her.  I didn't know what 'The Princess' meant for her or what it looked like?  I hunted through her clothes for things with sparkle or puff but nothing.  Nothing. It had literally come out of nowhere this fierce desire to control her outfit choices and be dressed as she wanted.

So I did what all parents with NO CLUE and who have been driven wild with frustration do.  I put her in her room and suggested she calms down and then comes and tells me what she wants.  You get the bit where she's not quite 2 years right?  She may have been the more adult of us in that particular exchange. 

But she comes downstairs, dragging a dress behind her. We have cuddles, apologise to each other and she gets dressed and I think 'super'.  All resolved.  Guests arrive. Parenting win.

This is how she looks in all the photos: Cute, but mostly naked.

If I say she channelled "The Emporer's New Clothes" do I win? 


Thought not.

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