20 March 2014

The Run Diary - Week 5? - Still the slowest

I have lost track of my weeks a bit.  But I think we've just finished week 5 and are moving into week 6.  Either way, we're still in March and the run's not until May so I am not panicking yet.

Anyway, I had a week where my training was pretty much non-existent.  I missed my Monday training for the refugees, my Wednesday training for Tiger Parenting and the Saturday one for reasons not pretty.  Then back into it again with a Joey session.

Joey sessions are basically exercise and love.  That man doesn't have a mean bone in his body.  We did the Victoria Secret workout (basically huge amounts of ab work), combined with some ballet moves, a spot of running and kick boxing.  I obviously have a natural affinity for boxing because Joey said I was a natural. And since Joey thinks Miranda Kerr looks like she has constipation most of the time, I am very inclined to believe him.  I also think Miranda Kerr is more Stepford Wife than real person.  I deeply distrust anybody who thinks that we can look like her if we eat seeds.  Those are genetics darling, I've seen your mum.  Seeds are not going to cut it for me.  .

Anyhoos - did this bizarre thing in our dynamic training of running straight lines in a sprint, the curvy bits at a jog, than sprint, than jog etc.  This went on for about 5 kilometres on a hot humid night after I'd spent most of the day in the car going to a funeral and back again.  I wasn't in the zone but I kept lurching around the oval and hoping that one of the football guys training in the middle of the oval would accidentally kick a ball into my head so I could go home.  No luck.

And then, on my Saturday morning run which followed SEVEN HOURS UNINTERRUPTED SLEEP, I was on fire.  I ran 10 kilometres, up hill and down dale, huffing and puffing and I never stopped.  Not once.  Partly, well mostly, this was because Paula hung out with me (chronic chest infection meant that my pace was a nice shuffle for her) and she didn't once try to positive talk me anywhere.  She just let me mind sing L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N. to set my pace for every hill (thanks Noah and the Whale) and chatted away cheerfully for the bits where she knew that friendly conversation wouldn't result in her untimely demise.

I broke through quite a few mental barriers and set a number of PBs that morning including making it down into the Lane Cove National Park.  CanTooers are fond of saying that they love Talavera Road.  Which I've always called bullshit on - it's a nightmare, but now I realise they don't love Talavera Road - they love the National Park and are trying to stop people finding out about it.  Secrets out - my hot tip is just start in the National Park and you're welcome.

And then this week we did Time Trials.  This involves running 5 kilometres as fast as you can to see if you're improving. I shaved 4 and a bit minutes off my time, an improvement of 10% and was kindly accompanied by Matt for a chunk of it.  It also means that officially I am 'still the slowest' but faster at being the slowest if you know what I mean. Part of that increase might have been running with Matt, though you aren't to tell him. The man is inspired by positive mind sets and self discipline and exudes more enthusiasm about life than the average 5 year old in a toy shop.  Thinking on it, I suspect  he's a fembot too.

So here we are - about to start the distance runs on Saturday and I'm at my computer where an email Coach Christie sent me made me cry because she was ridiculous amounts of lovely.  I am basically surrounded by positive and inspirational people and feeling like I can finish 23 kilometres in May.

It's okay - I'm surprised too.

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