22 April 2014

Children should watch more TV

I never have understood the thinking that makes parenting as hard as possible for the individual.  I mean people have been doing it for years - why reinvent the wheel?  Take advantage of the world around you and what others have learnt as they hauled their children from birth to adulthood. 

And TV definitely falls into that "don't knock it, until you've totally abused it's babysitting capacity" category. 

Sure, you - the adult - is not the target audience but there are heaps of things children can learn from TV which saves you the bother of having to teach them later on.  Not only that - it exposes to them a set of characters and scenarios that might be well be beyond your personal set of experiences and skills. 

I pride myself on bad efficient parenting.  And I thank the creators of the all the shows for my daughters' understanding of the following:

'Nuff said
The cause and effect between income and effort. They can use the word doubloon in context (gold/money) and they recognise you have to work to get doubloons and that sometimes - others want you to do all the hard work and then just steal the rewards. 

Regardless of gender - when they grow up they can do whatever the hell they want to do.

a doctor 

a helicopter pilot 

a pirate
Not everybody needs to understand you for you to be successful 

(I mean honestly - WTF?????)
Being able to enjoy the small things in life is probably going to make your happier than anything else

Loving books doesn't preclude you from being a rock star

Music is awesome

And friends are really important.  So you should be lovely to them no matter how bonkers they are in everyday life.  You probably chose them for a reason.

So go put those kids in front of the TV, pour yourself a wine and congratulate yourself on your exceptional parenting. And Steve Biddulph Sir - I'm more than happy for you to reference my genius in your next parenting guide.  

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