29 April 2014

Labor! Labor! Why have you abandoned me? #ibot

Dear Labor,

As even the people that voted for the Liberal party start to question their sanity, the loudest sound is your silence.  And it bothers me because silence always reeks of complicity when it comes to politics.

Where is the voice of Bill Shorten?  Penny Wong? Tanya Pilbersek? Stephen? Mark, Jenny? Kate? ANYBODY?

Your website says you're for a stronger and fairer Australia.... but um?

Look, I get that you started this stupidity over in Nauru and Manus as a means of distracting people from the pigtail pulling and other school yard antics of Rudd and Gillard but it's time now to admit that you made a mistake and being complicit in the this gargantuan violation of people's human rights is probably not the way forward?  And definitely not part of what you supposedly stand for! Have the courage to say 'WE GOT IT WRONG - SORRY!'.

And it's probably not a bad time to start some interpretative dance about the dismantling of the Gonski reforms, the selling off of endangered forests and the tax breaks for big business that are directly affecting our aged and infirm.  You know, just so people feel that somebody is noticing that the world is going to hell in a hand basket and you're not actually okay with it?

What about some informed debate or some vocalisation about our economy being one of only eight in the world with a AAA rating from the three credit agencies meaning we're in pretty good shape no matter what they heard from Bob who once knew a guy who had a cow who worked in a bank.  Or read in the Daily Telegraph.  Or how about coming out even and saying - look the LNP have a great suggestion re BLAH but were probably drunk when they wrote the rest of the budget?  SOMETHING!

How about we start clapping our hands and hollering about the state of Indigenous Health and the fact that we still haven't recognised them in our constitution?  Sure Tony said he's going to do it but he also said he wasn't going to make changes to education, blah, blah, blah.  And we just bought billions of dollars worth of fighter planes when we don't even know if we can keep Qantas.  Surely there is more demand for an airline that gets people around the country than planes to.... actually WHAT?  What the f**k are we doing with those planes? Does anybody know?

I get that you all have to say things to get into power.  And that sometimes it's not all that practical to carry it through.  But some LEADERSHIP?  For the love of Roscoe Arbuckle - give us something Labor.  Show us! Empower us! Speak to us!  Take your inspiration from the delightfully Green Scott Ludlam who might have been speaking to an empty chamber but people were listening.  The man got half a million views in three days because HE SAID SOMETHING.  The fact that it was brilliant and TRUE might have had something to do with it.

But apart from that, the only voice that ever is heard in opposition to anything the LNP is Clive Palmer.  CLIVE PALMER.  That man doesn't need a government - he's rich enough to do what he wants.  He's just having a great time pissing people off.  Mainly Newman which makes it amusing, but not exactly a sure fire way to being an Australia we can be proud of.

Sigh. Labor! Labor! Why HAVE you abandoned me?

Me x

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