16 April 2014

Not quite a winner

I was very chuffed to be one of the nominated blogs for Voices of 2014.  Sure I let you all know about it and even shamelessly plugged it, but it meant that somebody loved me, or the blog enough to do it.

And that was awesome.  I have not made the top 100 blogs.  And of course it's disappointing that the judges failed to recognise my supreme wit, smoking hot vocabulary and brilliant ability to arrange the alphabet into an assortment of words which appeal to one or two of you out there.

Everybody makes mistakes.  Something like nine publishing houses rejected J.K. Rowling's first draft of Harry Potter. That's gotta hurt in retrospect. [Judges take note :-)]

But seriously, I am okay. (Catches sob, brushes eyes dramatically and gives artful shrug of her shoulders, raises head defiantly and smiles at the Muggle ahead of her.  Or something.)

I enjoy blogging.  Like really enjoy it.  I enjoy writing.  I enjoy having an outlet for my inside thoughts and those random brain explosions which always sound much less articulate if voiced without due consideration.

I also enjoy reading blogs. And I absolutely adore meeting the people behind the blogs.  Even when they write brilliantly, they are generally even more awesome in real life.  And funny.  You can't be putting your life out into the public arena and not have the ability to laugh at both yourself and others.

Because life is generally fairly ridiculous.  And taking yourself seriously all the time must be so debilitating.  Never doing anything differently because it might not work out.  So yes, I didn't make the top 100 this year, but I can always try again next year or basically just write the blogging version of Harry Potter and retire to write 'proper things' like JKR did.

And in the meantime my friends - there are so many brilliant blogs in the Top 100.  You've got an Easter weekend looming, so I recommend (in no particular order but with unreserved gushing) With Some Grace, The Plumbette, Cooker and A Looker, BoyEatsWorld, Reservoir Dad, Mama Stylista, Little Grey Box, Keeping up with the Holsbys and Dad Down Under.

Fashion, food, fun, travel, design, vasectomies and all that.

And an honourable mention to three hilarious women who were definitely 101 - 103 and are also funny, interesting women - you'll want to make sure you're an early adopter of Have a laugh on me, Champagne Cartel and Blah Blah Magazine.

That said, in what is a blatant plug for another award - you can make me the People's Choice Awardee in case the judges at AWC fail to recognise my genius as well.

Click on the link below to go vote for me like a boss.  It's alphabetical so I'm SORRY but you'll have to click through to the letter T!
Click here
Last but not least a huge big fat congratulations to all the bloggers in the Top 100 (and my future career as a reclusive billionaire writer).

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