17 April 2014

The long weekend acometh

Whether or not you're a believer in Christianity, chances are if you're reading this blog, you're probably living in a country which is benefiting from it.  Except for the Aggarwals and the Phillips who seem to read it occasionally and they are all living in the Middle East.  Oh, and the O'Hagans and the Ansells in Asia.

But the rest of you in first world countries running on a Judeo-Christian calendar - I am talking about public holidays people.  Public holidays.

And most pressingly - the four day long weekend otherwise known as 'Easter'.  Be you a believer it's in pagan origins, it's Christian origins or you believe all of it to be a load of codswallop, you're getting a four day weekend. Starting this afternoon.

If you're a grown up that is.  If you're a child you're on school holidays or being forced to work for minimum wage in fast food outlets around the country so people who forget that the supermarkets are not open on Good Friday can still feed their families.

And petrol station attendants.  For those that forget that Good Friday means everything is closed and they haven't got the petrol to get to Macdonalds.  So they get some petrol and a four pack of mac cheese and sit tight until Saturday.

And supermarket employees who will be working on Saturday for all those who forgot to buy eggs and something to eat for Easter lunch.  If the supermarkets are busy today, my guess is that you are going to need crack SAS teams to manage the stampede of shoppers on Saturday.

And then all the small corner stores that open on Easter Sunday and for all the businesses in Manly, NSW.  Everything always seems to be open there no matter when you visit.  It's a little disconcerting to be honest.

But.... original point unproven.  Turns out loads of people work all the Easter weekend.  Even the Royals aren't getting to stay in their PJs and eat chocolate for every meal.  (Or little r royals if you're having a republican moment.)

Whoever you are, wherever you are, whatever you do or don't believe in, I hope you have a very splendid long weekend/not long weekend/chocolate feast/visit to church/time with your family/time hiding from your family/day in bed/trip to the Easter Show/family camping trip/other.

And if you're on the road, for the love of Roscoe Arbuckle - turn your freaking lights on, slow down and stay alive. Not everybody gets to rise again come Sunday!

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