14 April 2014

Well that was awkward

Everybody has them.  A plethora of stories that showcase extremely awkward moments which are actually incredibly hilarious.


Never at that particular moment.

And you always hope that nobody ever repeats what happens.  And if they do, they don't have a blog post about awkward moments. So you never ever read the post and realise she has never forgotten the time when...

  • your child gave a spirited and detailed description to the grandparents about how hairy your hoohar is
  • you wrote in an email to your boss "I'll be in naked to talk to you" rather than "I'll be in later to talk to you" 
  • your child dropped some paint at childcare and yelled 'fuck this shit' at top volume
  • you got really drunk, hugged a cactus and couldn't remember it so thought you had some bizarre disease that meant you couldn't lower your arm without pain
  • your mother described somebody, in all innocence, as a right 'twat' to somebody British
  • your child nominated 'Scissor Sisters' as their favourite family band
  • your child walked through your office with tampons stuck in each ear that day you had to pop into work on a non-work day and you didn't notice until after you'd introduced them to your MD
  • you did your entire bridal waltz with a post it note on the back of your designer dress saying "kick me" and still haven't worked out who put it there
  • you sent a raunchy text to your father-in-law instead of your husband just as you sat down to dinner with them at a posh eatery and couldn't understand why he wasn't speaking to you until afterwards
I have a million moments myself of awkward, where trying to make it better just makes it worse.  But when you look back, you just laugh and laugh and laugh.  Or at least, your friends do while you still feel that slow burn of embarrassment.  But hey, life can be a little bit slapstick sometimes and we really need to just roll with it.

A thousand thank yous to the people whose stories I have shamelessly shared in this post and please know that every time I recall them, I smile.  They are truly gifts that just keep on giving.  

Have you got any moments of awkward you are willing to share?  Any of mine you want to share? 

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