12 May 2014

Baby on Board #Laughlink

Seen one of these recently?

You see them on old cars, on new cars, on small cars, on big cars.  You see variations of them, you see them personalised with names, glitter or soccer balls.  You see them occasionally on the back window and the side windows and as a bumper sticker on the back bumper bar.  All at once.

You see them beside stick families, above F&&k off we're full stickers and once, I even saw one on a motorbike.  Ridden by a man.

But what they are saying is not 'Baby on Board'.

They are saying 'Please don't crash into me'.

And while OBVIOUSLY, I don't want any one crashing into me when I've got the girls in the car, I really don't want to be crashed into when I'm on my own either.  Or even if the car is empty, just parked, I'd prefer you didn't crash into it then either.

Hear me road users?  Don't crash into me.  Please.

Or is this just me? Do other people see these signs and hanker for one?  Is this one of those ones where having a sign that says 'Baby on Board' actually means - 'Yes folks, I got laid and I have a baby here to prove it! - Pull me over and I'll show you - you can even have a hold!'

Worse is when people with one of the signs drives like an absolute lunatic and you totally judge their parenting as you slam on the brakes to avoid being hit.  It's a bit like when the chaps with the Christian fish on the back bumper of their lowered cars, flip you the finger when they overtake you for doing the speed limit.

Either way, it seems a bit daft to me.  If you're going to have something on the back of you car, make it this one - my favourite ever bumper sticker

I killed myself laughing when I got caught out with it.  And the second time.  Ha!

What things in car windows always strike you as odd?


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