7 May 2014


So just to recap - two blokes have a fight over a girl.  Front page news instantly.  Murdoch paid $200,000 for the photos.  Yes.  That much.  The NT news yes, had the funniest headline.  It often does.

Over 200 girls go missing in Nigeria and it took weeks for anybody to say anything in the mainstream media.  It's still not front page news.  234 brazenly kidnapped and now the gun toting dicks that took them are threatening to sell them.  Because God said so.

Just because God said so is fast becoming one of the stupidest reasons anybody does anything.  And I mean no disrepect to any religion there.  It's just that all religions agree the big guy gave everybody free will as well, which means you've got to come up with a better reason for being a class A dick than blaming somebody that not everybody agrees on.

Especially when it means that we dismissed the abduction of those girls as 'not our problem', 'its them Muslims being daft again', 'oh well, you know - it's Africa'.  And I'm genuinely paraphrasing idiots who have put those sentiments onto comments pages.

Do I need to give you my 'lucky sperm' rant again?  We have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars helping look for a plane with the same amount of people on it.  Who decides which people we will look for?  Is it as simple as we've got no time for girls, blacks and muslims?  Is it?  I don't know? Because if we have the resources to commit to looking for weapons of mass destruction we knew weren't there, why can't we wander along and look for some girls we know were?  

And the people that took them aren't warriors, or militants, or anything else but thugs with guns.  I know we can't just ride on in to third world countries and go shooting people (Oh, except, how embarrassing - now that America suggests it, seems like a great idea), but we could have at least been joining the growing chorus of voices, of those of us with small names, those with big names that said, "OI, Nigeria - that totally sucks, HOW CAN WE HELP?" 

Because if people don't do anything, people think they can get away with everything.  And in the meantime, there are over 200 families with broken hearts, absolutely terrified not only of not seeing their daughters again, but worrying about what is happening to them right now.  When they're not dead.

It might not be much, but you can send your support to those families and those girls by making sure they get as much coverage on your facebook page and twitter streams as do the pictures of cats or that irritating smug video saying 'Look up'.  Fine. 'Look up', but first, demonstrate your support by sharing the story, signing the petitions and using the # button.  A lot.

No, we can't fix it.  We can't.  But we can care and when each individual takes the time to demand action, we are demonstrating that they are not alone.  And that Nigeria, we do care what happens to your girls.  And we do want you to do something. We do want you to ask for help if you need it.  

And we can use the glorious, reckless power of our  social media streams to demonstrate that stories like this are more fascinating, more important to us, than two idiots brawling in the street.  


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