9 May 2014

Conversation. How I love thee!

This week I have had the opportunity to get my head around the cost of sperm, trafficking of human tissue, the legal differences between jacking off in jars and donating body fluid, how a helicopter parent copes with the sensitive subject of toddlers double dipping, slapped cheek syndrome, the contrariness of the weather, heart attack vs indigestion, how you can tell whether or not you are dating somebody or in denial on the subject and last, but by no means least, where there ever goats on Goat Island?

How can you EVER run out of conversation?  There are things to be talked about that you didn't even know existed.

Lumbar punctures, friends that haven't really quit smoking, Eurovision, the Packers, missing Irishmen, tall ships, ballet slippers, new staff members, MBTI, depression, managing behaviour, aspirational parenting, cancer research, parties, jigsaw puzzles, carbohydrates, missing Birkenstocks, broken toes, why submarines are scary, where is Cubby hiding, why do we have to wear underpants?

All these vastly interesting and varied topics to be discussed and I didn't even have to ask questions sometimes, just listen.  And the best bit is, when you ask questions - you learn new stuff.

This is why I am perplexed by people that don't like meeting new people, or trying new things.  Why would you choose to have the same conversation ad nauseum when you can say 'Hey, lovely to meet you, so explain to me why you didn't just say that kale is cabbage?

Because if people knew that - they wouldn't eat it.  The only people that ever liked cabbage were the Russians and that was only after they mixed it with beetroot and cream.  Mmmmmm.... borscht.

I digress.

I met somebody for the second time last week and they said one of the nicest things to me that anybody has said this year.  And they weren't even trying to be nice.  We had a great, well rounded conversation, but one casual sentence put me on cloud nine and we weren't even talking about me when it happened.  Conversation.  

Words. Ideas. Beauty, Power.


They shape our world, change our world, make our world.  I heart them.

Start one today. And revel in what you don't know you don't know.  And don't be ashamed to ask.  Because sperm costs less than you'd think.  Before import fees.  And then Ouch!

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