26 May 2014

Inspiration by Goat #Laughlink

In the dark of the pre-dawn this morning I awoke with a BOOM and thought that is the BEST idea for a funny blog post I have had in a long time.  And I typed into my phone 'goat'.

And then proceeded to have an extremely bizarre dream about a friend of mine proposing to his girlfriend by tying the ring to a goat.

But I don't remember what the post was going to be about.  GOAT!  What the f**k could I possibly have felt so inspired about that I wrote the word goat?

"I is goat. Goat I is"
I don't have a lot of goat stories. I recently went to Goat Island for the first time but a man had a heart attack during our visit so it wasn't exactly laugh a minute.

A friend of mine used to have a three legged goat in his backyard as a pet but I think that goat was a rescue animal so it's more awwww sweet, than joke material.  Plus it was in the 80s.

And another friend of mine once got backed into an electric fence by a goat she was trying to inject with antibiotics, which resulted in her accidentally shooting the goat's antibiotics into the air and then they splashed into her own mouth.

And that was funny, but only because I was watching at the time and it was pure slapstick comedy.

Until we had to ring the poisons hotline and find out what to do if you swallow goat medicine. Actually, I was still giggling then but in a caring look at me I've rung the poison hotline kind of way.

I've also watched that movie 'Men who stare at goats' but I think that was about Iraq and I don't have any jokes about Iraqi goats in my repertoire.  Well unless I thought of one during the night but that seems a bit of a stretch that even my slightly odd subconscious was sitting on a cracker of a joke about Iraqi goats.

So since I have got nothing funny to write about goats, definitely not a blog post - I'm just going to share these three goat jokes I found by googling 'goat jokes'.

What do you call an unemployed goat? 
Billy Idol.  

What do you call a goat with one ear? 
Van Goat

What do you call a goat at sea? 
Billy Ocean

You're very welcome. 

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