15 May 2014

The Run Diary - The final week - Not dead.

So last night was my last training session for this weekend's ultra marathon.

They asked us to fill out a form answering various questions as part of their continuous improvement.  They asked me what my fitness goal was when I joined the program and I wrote "Don't Die".  The next question asked me if I'd achieved it.  I wrote "Yes".

I haven't actually done the run yet - so who knows.  It could end badly - in which case, can somebody in my training pod update my answer for me on Monday?

So I've graduated from the program.  See - a certificate to prove it.

And now I'm drinking this with a straw to get me match fit as I have a cold to go with the broken toe. I love that the universe helps me have something to continue to complain about now that I've actually learned to run.

But anyway, Bisolvon, ibuprofen and Vicks should see me right for Sunday. Hydration is a must for 'us' long distance runners don't you know?  And this is alcohol free, sugar free, colour free, gluten free and lactose free.  It's pretty much what my diet should have been for the whole training program.  Oops.

 And I've got my running gear sorted - including the appropriate hashtag for you all to use when you send encouraging tweets and Facebook messages on Sunday.

Some people are running the SMH half marathon or the Great Ocean Road ultra Marathon, ultra half marathon and 14km just for fun but that kind of insanity doesn't deserve a hashtag.

So just say 'you're totes cray cray to them' to them.  Because they'll be so keen to finish the race and get back to take you to task about using stupid expressions like 'totes cray cray', they will run really really fast.  Don't forget to say "you're welcome" when they return.

photo courtesy Jennie Star

So here is us after whizzing around the oval last night.  Why we chose to press out sticky sweaty bodies together after training rather than before has me baffled but that's okay.

A big fat 'YOU GO TEAM' to all my running group - I only got this far because I know you needed somebody to come last.  And I am that kind of team player.  Oh, and those lovely dollars people have donated to Cure Cancer.

And this is where we started 13 weeks ago - Mel and I are the ones pretending to be Michael Jackson in Thriller.  The rest of them are proper adults and fitness junkies.  But we're probably the coolest.
Photo courtesy Jennie Star
It's absolutely not to late to get me to my goal amount of $10,000 over the two runs (last year's 9 kilometres and this year's 23 kilometres) so if you have $1 to spare, at the time of writing, I'm looking for about 745 people to donate a dollar and get me over the line before the race starts on Sunday morning.   Go on - you know you want to (please?)

And thanks for all the amazing support you've given me along this journey, and thanks to my beautiful man and my gorgeous daughters for believing in me and thanks all for you superb generosity.  I'v'e done this because of you.  You're awesome. 

And last but in no way least - to all of you who have danced with cancer, I salute you.  In particular for this run, Laura and Ruth - you go girls. #fuckcancer.

Big love and thanks again xoxo

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