9 June 2014

5 more reasons for a holiday

Today in Australia we are celebrating the Queen's birthday.  Yes, we know her birthday is in April and I'm sure in the story somewhere is a bonafide reason we chose June to celebrate it.  I'm an ardent republican in the Australian sense and I'm still happy to enjoy this holiday courtesy of the monarchy.

Should we succeed in becoming a republic, throwing off the shackles of our colonial past and having no more reason to follow Kate Middleton's fashion choices than America, we need not abandon the day.  I mean, since the choice of date is fairly arbitrary we could just recalibrate and focus on the many things to celebrate about Queens more generally.

1.  Queens of the drag variety

Dame Edna.  'nuff said.


2. Queen

I mean whats not to love about this iconic rock band.  And it means the day would come with it's own soundtrack which automatically makes it appealing to everybody from the young to the old and burn some sausages.   Scaramush, scaramush will you do the fandango?


3.  Princess (one day to be Queen) Mary

She met a guy called Fred in a pub.  After a sporting event.  She's basically living the Saturday night dream for most Australians.  Reason enough for a holiday at the very least. The fact that she can make tweed and turtleneck look awesome is double the reason.


4. Queen Latifah

This woman rocks at so many levels it's hard to choose just one reason to celebrate her.  But she's the complete package - sassy, talented, interesting and funnier than Cork.  And there's a lot of favours that she's prepared to do, do one for Mama, and she'll do one for you.  Holiday gold!


5. Queensland

Because I was born there and despite what Campbell is doing to it, it is still a gorgeous part of the world.  It'll do.  I'm happy to have national public holidays for all the states and territories to be honest.


Happy to go with my reasons or do you have other queen related reasons can you think of to make sure the holiday lasts despite the inevitable absence of a monarchy in Australia?

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