23 June 2014

Bindi - 1. Rest of world - 0

If you want to realise how unreasonable we are collectively I would like to present you with 

That's right Bindi Irwin.

Who at the age of fifteen had the audacity to say she wishes children dressed their age and covered up their boobs and blah blah save the whales or whatever it is she does as her day job.  And then she's pictured looking stunning with her boobs covered up.

And THE WHOLE WORLD is like "HOW VERY DARE SHE?" The smug cow.  How dare she tell others what to do.  Children can dress like they want!  And its the shops fault because they only sell clothes for teenagers that make them look like mini-prostitutes - I'd totally dress my child like Bindi if I had options. 

Blah blah blah. 

She's fifteen.  15! Of course she's smug.  You know pretty much everything at 15 and the world is completely black and white.  Even saying "I like weetbix for breakfast" comes out smug.  And censorious, as if people that have toast or cornflakes are somehow inferior.

Trust me, I was an 80s teenager.  Where ripped, see through, lacey, bedroom eyes and cleavage were making huge waves in fashion and I can assure you my mother still made sure my boobs were covered, my shorts were long and that I rocked my dorkdom in complete modesty. In fact, she cried once when I wore ripped jeans to a school dance because she could see the slippery slope I was determined to launch myself down.

For the record, it took me so long to convince her to let me wear torn jeans that I was a year too late and spent the whole night feeling even dorkier than normal.  Sigh.  Where were you then Bindi Irwin? Exactly - not even born - selfish cow. 

So why are we being such a judgemental pack of arses?  We get cross when Miley suggests we get about in our underwear, we don't bat an eyelid when Lady Gaga gets about in meat frocks but somebody suggests our teenagers might want to dress modestly and we're all ARRRRGH, KILL HER, KILL HER NOW THE SMUG COW.

Bindi is perfectly entitled to her opinion.  The fact that in ten years time she might decided to wrap herself around poles and wear Cher inspired leotards is perfectly okay.  By then she'll be 25 and we'll all be collectively screeching 'WHEN YOU WERE 15 YOU WANTED YOUR BOOBS COVERED UP'.  

And hopefully she'll yell right back us - "I was 15 so how about you judgemental types fuck off". Because Bindi Irwin dropping an F-bomb in a see through body leotard would be totally awesome.  

So Bindi - until you get a little older and change your mind about fashion, saving the world or whether you prefer sugar in your tea, or whatever else tickles your fancy between now and the nursing home -   cover those boobs up girl, no matter how much that pisses people off. 

You, you, modest thing you.  


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