27 June 2014

It's just a blog, a blog, a blog about ME.

 So you know Jodie from Fresh Home Cook?

You don't?  Well she and I met last year and became instant friends because we both LOVE cooking and gardening and growing organic produce.  True story.  Except the bit about us both loving cooking, gardening and growing organic produce.  She does.  She has a whole blog about this kind of stuff which is actually written easily enough for me to substitute the word organic with tinned whenever I'm short of something to cook and she's a bit of a life observer and honest writer and I like that stuff!

That aside - we became friends because she is lovely and kind and I pretended to be as well and so with all those things in common - Voila!

Jodie asked me to be part of the Blog-hop which is where we blogger types explore why we do what we do and then we tell you about three other people we think are awesome so you get to meet some other bloggers.  There's heaps of them HERE where it all began if you want to meander through some interesting tales after you finish my tale of derring do.

Anyway.... here goes.  And Jodie - thanks for the invite lovely. xx

What am I working on?

I would like to say a book.  And I'd like to say it's a book that starts with the line "It's just a book, a book, a book, about ping pong".  But I'm not.  In blogging land I write dependent on mood, the news, the world around me, something that's piqued my interest and the notes I scribble down at odd times.  And whatever stupid thing Tony has said that has set me off this week. I rarely work on anything in advance - I just knock it out and send it into the wide wide world.

In work land, I'm working on a social media strategy for a company that hired me to do just that. Then I'll do their content plan.  In writing land, I'm fleshing out a couple of articles that deal with issues that end in 'ism' and I keep getting side tracked by the amazing things the people I want to quote have done.

In real life, I'm working on no less than 19 games of Words with Friends (the Scrabble ripoff we all use on our phone - Scrabble missed the boat there didn't they???), a laundry pile that never ends and a sense of fiscal responsibility.  Oh and setting a good example to two small humans.

How does my writing differ from those in my genre?

See I don't really have a genre.  There isn't really a space in blogging land for bolshie, opinionated, apathy hating, outspoken women who aren't really good at anything.  I am not qualified to offer parenting advice, crafting advice, cooking advice, gardening advice, life advice.  I mean my only domestic skill is I live in a house.  I got nothing.  No special languages, no callings, no tragedy, no fashion sense, no secret life, no idea how to put on liquid eyeliner or clean a wheelie bin.  

If you think of a niche, a genre for me to slot into - please let me know.  Whenever you try to pitch a blog based on observation, commentary and opinion - they ask about what.  And apparently 'ummm, anything' doesn't help them narrow it down.

Why do I write?

Gratuitous shot of  my gorgeous girls
They are MUCH better at conversation now
Because I like it.  I love it. I always have.  I should have done it when I left school and spent the last twenty years filling pages and pages of space with words.  But I didn't.  And then a couple of years ago I was home with two small people, one of whom did nothing but suck the goodness out of my boobs and sleep and the other whose conversation consisted of 'mama', 'daddy', 'baby', 'book', 'PLAY SCHOOL' and I really needed to put my thoughts into some kind of coherent arrangement so they stopped festering in restless abandon inside my brain box.

And blogging punched me in the face and said 'Pick me you daft eejit'.

And then I realised I could talk about anything I wanted and have an opinion on EVERYTHING and because it was my blog, nobody could stop me.  I didn't tell people I wrote for ages. And now I'm still writing and it's re-energised in me a desire to write ALL THE TIME even using facts sometimes and not just for the blog.

But one of the things I like about writing is that there is so much in people's heads that when you share your words, your opinion, your thoughts, your observations - people respond.  Because they agree or disagree and if I'd never written anything down, we'd all be walking around with our thoughts in our heads and be oblivious of all these amazing people that really think STRONGLY about stuff.  And I love that. Like really love that.

How does my process work?

In blog land - Have a thought.  Bang it out.  Find a picture or two.  Re-read to check spelling and grammar.  Click publish.  Wait for my sister to text me telling me I used 'then' rather than 'than' or 'ate' rather than 'eight' or whatever first grade error I have made despite my strident opposition to these careless errors. Thanks Jen.

In work land - research, innovate, write lots of words, shuffle them around so they make sense and sound just right for the client, check to make sure I've done what I need to do, review, send off to client. Repeat as necessary.  Send invoice.

In writing land -

There are two approaches here

1. research, write, get distracted by internet story at the bottom of the article you were reading for research, write, worry, write, worry, write, have a toilet break, pick up the children, pour a glass of wine, sleep, write, delete.  Start again.

2. SHIT IS THAT THE TIME????  Write 500 - 1000 words. Submit.

Jodie also asked was there something as a teenager I did I would like to take back?

On the off chance my parents DO NOT KNOW, I"m not telling.  Sorry Jodie, that one we'll keep for the next shared glass bottle of wine.

Who is next?

I would like to introduce you to Rory, Seamus and Kylie.

Rory from Memoirs of the Mind was one of my early blog discoveries and I remain very attached to his blog.  It's real. I like that. 

Welcome to Memoirs of the Mind! This blog is a journey. It is a person’s life. It is not about 5 tips for this or 10 tips for that. It is not about perfection. It is about imperfection. It is about struggle. It is about first world problems, first world successes. It is about every day highs and lows. It is a quest for understanding. It is a search for acceptance. It is a wallow in self-pity or an inspiration for those whom it might inspire. 

There is a story here. There is a story in every human life. So many of which are left untold. And at the end of the day that’s what I am. I am human. I make mistakes. I love, laugh, cry, judge, hurt… …dream. I pray, hate, succeed, fail, dance… …hide. I strain. I struggle, fight, play, fall, get up, run, walk, stumble… …crawl. And someday…I will die. I soldier on in the greatest marathon of all. The marathon of life. A marathon run by countless billions. A marathon which no one has ever failed to finish. This is a record of my marathon. It is a human account. I hope that you might join me in my journey. Because truly, as human beings, we are already all in this together.

Seamus is from Dadinating the Countryside and he is everything great about men that think.  True. 

Seamus is a father of two, husband of one and a high school teacher of dozens. 

He is also a tree changer living in Central Victoria, a geek, ancient literature buff and a try-hard greenie.

(He is all that but he's so much more - read him and read him often)

Last but by no means least is Kylie from A Study In Contradictions who has made me snort liquid through my nose on more than one occasion so please - avoid hot drinks while reading. 

Kylie is a wife, mother, book lover and wannabe photographer. 

Kylie is mum to two gorgeous girls, wife to long-suffering husband Dave, and has unhealthy crushes on Daddy Pig and Jimmy Giggle (and Hoot)

(and she's funny and has less filter than me - I salute her!) 


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