17 June 2014

Shit happens

I have my two year old home today from childcare with an upset tummy.  This actually means that what is coming out of her backside is decidedly unpretty and no amount of positivity about parenting can make the shit smell any sweeter.

What?  It's true.  Bodily fluids happen and it's why children are better than dogs.  There will come a time when they are completely capable of cleaning up their own shit. Luckily, she's young enough that I can put her back in pull ups for 24 hours for those moments  today in which she and I don't move fast enough.

Don't judge - we just got the carpets cleaned. 

There are always some unexpected perks to minding sick children.  Sure you don't get any work done and you have to watch entirely too much kids TV while they sit snuggled in your arms, but there is the main perk just there.  A sick child is a snuggly child.  

And my girls are growing so fast.  They are independent, feisty and in the process of developing very firm opinions about everything (totally their dad's influence honest).  And they don't always want cuddles, or if they submit to a cuddle they're gone almost before you've had a chance to sniff the top of their stinky little heads.

Cassidy has had her little feet snuggled under my jumper, a blanket across our laps and a steady stream of books read and re-read.  I have had quite a few, spontaneous 'I wuv you Mama moon back' which is worth the cramp in your lower back from holding the same position way too long. 

There has been lots of conversations about what Tully is doing at childcare.  Like about every five minutes.  She misses her.  There has been a conversation about spiders and whether or not they are ticklish.  I was asked if I can dance.  I was told to stop dancing.  We've talked about why glue sticks and why princesses sing.  Lots of small moments that I wouldn't have had if she'd gone to childcare as per normal.

I'm typing, she's watching Dora, and we are still all wrapped around each other.  

Shit happens.  And today, that's been an unexpected blessing


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