2 June 2014

That one woman

This weekend I attended a celebratory function labelled as a 'first birthday party'.  Now we all know that first birthday parties are just a polite way of showing off that you managed to keep your kid alive for a year and I am not dissing that - we threw big parties both times because we were so freakin' impressed with ourselves.

And we're always happy to eat fairy bread.

There was lots of chit chat going on as there often is a social function when I found out that a friend of a friend's marriage was ending.  And I did utter this statement - "This is why women think men are fucked in the head" - pretty much verbatim when I heard what he articulated as a key reason why their marriage could not work.

And yes, before we proceed, I recognise my statement was a generalisation.  And I'm sorry to the men that are not.

mad men are not just part of history
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But of all the daftness I've ever heard regarding a partner's lack of suitability this takes the cake.  The absolute cake.

Because his complaint about his wife is that she is 'too agreeable'.

He cited several examples of how she was really easy going and supportive of him as he climbed the corporate ladder and she worked part time doing something she loves and raising their children.

Let me repeat.... too agreeable. We're not talking walk over door mat agreeable.  We're talking nice person agreeable.

When you think of all the reasons women are hard to live with, and let's be honest, collectively as one half of a species - we generally don't make it easy for our partners, which (going off on another tangent) is the main reason I'm not gay - dating somebody with regularly fluctuating hormones has got to be a nightmare, so (and now back to my point) when you think of all the reason women are hard to live with - being agreeable is not normally on the chart.

In all the disagreements my husband and I have had since we started dating ten years ago, he has never ONCE accused me of being 'too agreeable'.   Believe me, that is something I would have remembered.

I can not think of one of my girlfriends - and I know a LOT of amazing women who are REALLY lovely, - there is not one I would 'accuse' of being too agreeable to their partners.  Not one.

And I am going to put it out there that today we think of that one woman in the world, this ONE WOMAN people, and we send her a whole lot of love.  Like bucket loads.

Because seriously, if that ONE WOMAN has her relationship break down the rest of us are absolutely screwed.

Big love from me to that woman too - may the universe be much kinder to you next time round.  And may he accidentally get Deep Heat on his testicles.  Regularly.

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