6 June 2014

The Bee Dick Disaster Theory

There are two types of people in the world.

Those that say "Let's do it"
and those that say "What if it doesn't work out?"

Let's call them Group A and Group B.  It makes the whole post seem more scientific don't you think?

Group A consists of people that do things because they want to do them and they'll never know unless they try.

Group A says things like "What's the worst that could happen?" and "Every day is a school day" and "You can sleep when you're dead" and "I'll send a postcard" and "It'll be dandy" and "Ah shit, that wasn't supposed to do that (ha ha)".

Group B consists of people that never get around to doing things because... well... "what if it doesn't work out".

Group B is also heavily populated with people that say things like "What will people think?" and "What about my long service leave?" and "At your age" and "But what if we don't like it?" and "But who will we get to babysit if we move away?" or "What if our credit cards get stolen" and "You never can trust a foreigner/queenslander/person that likes cats"

My cousin told me the following when I was dithering about whether to go to London or do something sensible.  I call it "Rob's Bee Dick Disaster Theory".

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He said "Look Al, if you come within a bee's dick of disaster and it all works out, well then!! And if you smash into the windscreen, lesson learned."

I always loved the "Well then!" part of his theory.  All exclamation points and no substance but IT WORKS!

Group B will never know the exhilaration of following an idea on nought but a whim and prayer hoping like crazy that its all going to work out just fine despite your lack of preparation for any kind of eventuality be it good or bad.  

Occasionally you smack into that windscreen and slide, battered and bloody to the bottom where, when the conditions are right, you'll get flicked back up into the air by the windscreen wiper to fight another day.  Sometimes, right when you're about to hit that windscreen, you get a gust of wind blow you off in another direction which turns out to be exactly the right thing for you.

Every thing we do has a purpose.  Everything has an outcome.  Everything has a lesson, a photograph or a memory.  Everything but everything tells us something even if sometimes it speaks in a voice that sounds suspiciously like your mother saying "I told you so".  

So basically, there is no such thing as "It didn't work out" only "lesson learned".

I'll thank Rob for you all.  No problem.

Disclaimer: "Rob's Bee Dick Disaster Theory" should never be used for high risk activities such as skydiving or base jumping.  

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