16 July 2014

10 woefully under marketed benefits of Facebook

Lets face it.  A lot of people spend a lot of time bitching about Facebook.  Like, seriously a lot of time.  But it's a business.  And it's making Mark Zuckerberg very rich and very happy.  And we'll be part of the history books - we're living through a significant technological and communication revolution.

And there are some benefits to Facebook which in my view are woefully under marketed.  The kind that give you the kind of inside thrill you know is totally age inappropriate but still, very satisfying.

  1. Getting friended by people from school that you were too terrified to talk to then and who turn out to be ridiculously awesome.  And some of the funniest and most fun people online. 
  2. Checking out the hot stoner with the big ideas that broke your heart one time and finding out that he's now just a stoner. Phew.
  3. Rejecting the friend request from the old work colleague who used to claim all kudos for the work you and the rest of your team did. 
  4. Finding out who is fatter than you. Or balder than you. What? Don't even TRY and pretend this doesn't make you feel a little bit undeservedly smug on occasion. 
  5. Being able to throw a question to your circle of friends and find somebody that knows somebody that once was married to a guy who has a sister who can absolutely 100% help you. 
  6. Keeping up with all your beautiful friends and their growing families, insane adventures and state
    of mind even though everybody is a little bit crap at keeping in touch. 
  7. Always having somebody online to interact with - even if it's just about the weather on opposite sides of the world.
  8. Being able to share ideas, discuss concepts and solve all the world's problems from one status update.  Just the one.  The UN should totally get in touch with us! 
  9. Knowing you are not the only Typochondriac* in the world.  Right Natalie?
  10. Networking with like minded people who you might not have had the opportunity to meet if it wasn't for the internet, and finding out when you meet them in real life they are totally your tribe. 

What are some of the things you appreciate about Facebook even as it's constantly changing algorithms cause you to have fifty fits and curse the woman that bore Zuckerberg in the first place?

*Typochondriac, n. — one who compulsively checks and rechecks his or her writing out of fear of publishing typos online.


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