25 July 2014

An 'interview' with my husband

When we met
TEN YEARS ago today, in a little back garden behind a big house in London, Nick and I kissed for the first time.  And then he ran away.  Literally hurdled a brick wall in his haste.

Though his version is a little (completely) different.

Either way, we've been together ten years today.  Despite being clearly and most blatantly not suitable.

In any way.

There is a series of blog posts happening around the internet at the moment where people interview their significant other.  They're quite worth a read purely because people's lives are interesting. Check out the interviews by Emily, Kylie, and Renee if you want to see people doing it properly. See, I thought I'd do the same.  But without actually interviewing him.

Because I totally know how it will go because I'm brilliant like that.

So let's start.

So Nick, how are you today?
*Good thanks, yep, good.

If I asked for life advice right now, what do you think you would say?
*You're amazing. And you should blog about sweet potatoes.  People love sweet potatoes.

Nick, you're so frustrating - a serious answer please.
Just after we moved to Australia
*What? People love sweet potatoes.  I think it could be the answer to everything. In fact, I think you'd be famous already if you wrote more about sweet potatoes.

*Okay okay, just keep doing what you're doing. You're great.  You really are Alipops.  Completely awesome.

Sigh.  Fine.  What was the best bit about your day?
*All the bits I spent with you.

*What? A man's not allowed to be nice to his wife now?  A fine state of affairs! Did you hear that girls? Mum's cranky because I like spending time with her.

NICCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKK!  FFS. Why are we still married?
*Because I'm funny.  And you love talking with me.  And we love each other.  And you think I have a cute bum.

You are the most exasperating man on the planet - you know that don't you?
*You used to love me - sticks bottom lip out.  Do you hear that girls? Am I exasperating?

(Girls are thrilled to yell NO NO NO NO. You are SO BUNNY DADDY. Traitors.)

I DO LOVE YOU.  I just wish you would not be sooooo.... ARGH! ANNOYING.
*Wine my darling?

My beautiful man xxxx
(This is where I hurl myself into the couch thinking that if I had known how annoying he was I WOULD NEVER have fallen in love with him.  Let alone stayed in love with him. Honestly, is there a more frustrating man on the planet?  How the hell are we going to spend happily ever after together when he's just sooooooo GRRRRRRRRRR.  Bloody man.  SO ANNOYING)

*Here's your wine Alipops.  Now move over, let me sit down too.

I move.  Begrudgingly because he's annoying.  And we sit there, snuggled, watching our daughters do something that would make their grandmothers twitchy.

And we are happy.  Happy 10 years beautiful man.

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