17 July 2014

Dumb dumb dumbest

There is something incredibly liberating don't you think in living in a country that is deliberately positioning itself as the dumbest in the world.  Anything we do from now on is going to get a gold star and a big fat 'well done for trying'.

We just repealed the Carbon Tax.  The one everybody in the world thinks is working.  And some people are going WOOHOO, that's 500 bucks a year I'm getting from Tony.  I mean the fact that he's decimated the health and education systems so you've got to pay more there is of no consequence.  Or the fact that you've sold the future of the planet for 500 measly bucks which makes you a bigger arse than believing repealing the carbon tax benefits anybody but the people on Tony's Christmas Card list.

there will be a reckoning
It's okay though.  There are still people out there more stupid than Australia.  And if we're only welcoming like these days - we should send them an invitation.  The guy that wants us to boycott Spielberg movies because he actually believes that Spielberg shot, killed and then posed with the carcass of a dinosaur?  The sooner we can get that guy here, the sooner we can vote him into government.
Spielberg with one his Jurassic Park dinosaurs
I mean, occasionally there are glimmers that the country can be saved.  As a nation we only bought 54 copies of Robin Thicke's album in its first week of release.  That means at the time of writing this post 23,533,727 Australians did not.  That's encouraging.

I have always been proud of being Australian.  I know that my nationality is nothing but luck, but it's a beautiful country with a rich and vibrant history going back thousands of years full of people that are on the whole quite loveable.  We do have a capacity to laugh at ourselves but we're not actually supposed to be a joke.  At this precise moment if anyone misheard as Australia as Austria - I'd run with it.  I even half a dozen German phrases courtesy of Frau Kasper that I could trot out to look authentic.

Being the joke. That's America's job.  But did you know that the Americans are starting to think Abbott is a bigger fool than Bush.  They're starting to pity us.  Let me repeat that - the Americans are starting to pity us.  A country tripping over itself to present candidates for the Darwin Awards is starting to feel superior.

A country dripping in religious Christian fundamentalism is astonished by our approach to climate change because you know, like it's been proven, by like SCIENTISTS.  And people that know stuff. And they think we're a bit silly for repealing a tax which works for both the country and the future of the world.  Which, well, we are.  Complete dumbarses.

Nothing to see here
If I had faith that the next election would give us some alternatives, that lurking in the festering pool of self interested politicians in any party, there were people that could offer some leadership, some innovation and restore our faith in ourselves I probably wouldn't feel so glum.  But the signs aren't good.

And so we continue our journey to the bottom.  Buoyed only by the thought that once we get there, we will have to start clawing our way back up.  Or fossilise in the sludge at the bottom.  And that didn't turn out so well for the dinosaurs.


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