31 July 2014

Hangovers and Affairs

To my beautiful daughters

When you grow up, you're probably going to fall in love.  Hopefully with somebody that makes you incredibly happy and you live a blessed life dancing around fields full of sunflowers and with a personal chef back home.

To be honest, you'll probably date a few people before then that aren't quite going to cut the mustard.  Some might break your heart. You might break theirs.  It's inevitable in the messy messy world of emotions that it doesn't necessarily all go according to plan every time.

And I would like to think that you only date single people.  While you're single.  But I also get that this isn't always how it works.  It's a bit like wine. While it makes good sense to finish one bottle before starting the second, when you're in the moment you crack open that second bottle and splash it into your glass on the dregs of the last bottle.

But remember - hangovers hurt.  The relationship equivalent of hangovers is affairs.  They hurt.  Maybe not you, but somebody.  And it's not the kind of hurt that can be fixed with a can of lemonade, two ibuprofen and a bacon and egg roll.

My gorgeous girls - promise me this.  If somewhere along the line, you have an affair with a murderer, go down on the president, get it on with somebody amazing in the toilet of a plane at 50,000 feet, or you find yourself naked with Prince Harry and a pool table - don't sell the story.

You're better than that.

You make a series of choices which get you to any point in your life.  They won't all be good choices.  Nobody is perfect.  And sometimes those less awesome choices will reward you.  Sometimes they won't, but any choice you make is your responsibility.  Bummer I know.

The people that sell their stories might make money but they lose everything else.  Their credibility, their integrity, their dignity, their relationships, their children, their families and quite often, their futures.
They hurt people very deliberately.  And publicly.  For money.

That's not what I want you to become.  Do what you do, live the life you live. Try not to hurt others.  It will happen, I know that, just as I know others will hurt you. But if the only way you can place a value on yourself and an experience is by selling yourself, and make no mistake, that's what you are doing, we have failed you terribly and for that I would be truly sorry.

So go forth little ones. Into the future, into the world.  Try to be lovely and remember that if you do hurt somebody, you say 'Sorry' not 'Sell my story'.

Love Mama xxxx  

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