18 July 2014

Music confessions of a late bloomer (early 80s to early 90s)

I am what is known in the business as a person with eclectic music tastes.  Actually, that's a lie - in the business I'd be known as embarrassing.  BUT, I do have eclectic music tastes.  And not necessarily trendy ones.  Especially in the olden days.

My husband is a complete music geek.  Of the cool variety. When we first met he was able to file his CDs in order of purchase - hundreds of them.  He talks music like I talk bullshit.  When we moved in together he tried to keep our music separated into 'his' and 'hers' as he was worried people would mistake some of my questionable purchases over the years for his.  Having lived with me this long he now knows that nobody would ever mix up my music with his.  So it's filed alphabetically by first name, with separate groupings for soundtracks, mixes, christmas and any super mix of 70s hits I purchased before we met. 

This means that Lou Bega sits alongside Lou Reed.  It pains him physically too see them sit alongside each other, but probably not quite as much as it pained my former boyfriend who was into Kyuss and Queens of the Stone Age when I made him listen to Lou Bega and 'I love you' by Martin McBride.  Non ironically.

I confess that towards the end of last century I literally spent an entire night with a bottle of wine and Michael Bolton's "How am I supposed to live without you" on repeat, crying my eyes out over a guy whose name I no longer remember. 

Music makes me very emotional.  


The very first cassette I owned, I got for Christmas BY REQUEST.  It was Julie Anthony's 'This is it'.  I'd seen it advertised on the telebox. I think, actually I know, that I thought Julie Anthony was the original singer of 'Sunglasses at night' and 'Ti Amo' way longer than anybody should admit.  

I moved along to power bands like Indecent Obsession, Dragon, Daryl Braithwaite and Icehouse.  I was dismissive of Bros - 'manufactured boy band' I probably sneered as I gazed myopically at the god that was David Dixon. 

Around the time I was 16 and soon to graduate from Year 12, my hormonal adolescent self used to really 'get' songs by Roxette, Wilson Phillips, the Divinyls, George Michael and I was flirting with the likes of REM - though I suspect most of that was still way above my head.  In my defence I still like REM.  I'm not entirely fickle.  

When I went travelling for a month at the end of Year 12, I was travelling with people who were into the Cure, the Clash and in my Walkman (yes, my Walkman) I had no less than the unappreciated tortured brilliance of this guy. 

I know.  I KNOW.  The fact that anybody kissed me that trip is testament to the come hitherness of my overly large wire framed spectacles, spotty chin and copious freckles.  And a complete lack of other available options.  

The next year, Achy Breaky Heart passed me by.  That's a lie.  I danced to it.  And Roxette, Madonna, Pearl Jam, Sir Mix-a-lot, Frente, Salt n Pepa, Sophie B Hawkins, JOHN PAUL YOUNG.

I basically had never heard music apparently that wasn't on a Top 100 chart somewhere.  I got a little thrill from singing the swear words in Guns n Roses' songs out loud.  Oh how times change.  I could make Slash blush these days.  

I loved musicals.  Jesus Christ Superstar starring an incredibly hot Jon Stevens, John Farnham, Kate Cerbrano, John Waters and Angry Anderson is STILL one of my favourite soundtracks of all time.  

Actually, I still love musicals.  And movie remakes of musicals. Hello Robert Downey Jr in The Singing Detective and John C Reilly in Chicago.  

And I can still sing more lyrics to Concrete Blonde's "Ghost of a Texas Lady's man" than any other person in the world, except maybe a guy called Stuart.  Basically, if I end up with Dementia - my children are going to be living through a lot of old lady singing 

"You don't scare me, you don't scare me," I cried
To my ectoplasmic lover from the other side
He knew that I'd understand
He was the ghost of a Texas ladies' man

Now before you all unfollow me, desperate to disassociate yourself from me in case my early musical tastes are catching, I've moved on.  I have the CD of Jesus Christ Superstar now.  

Lordy.  And still twenty years of musical confessions to go.  But of course now I'm dead cool. I go to gigs that aren't in stadiums or reunion tours.  I know.  Look who is all growed up!

OKAY. 'Fess up - what music did you listen to in the decade that was early 80s to early 90s?  Were you as clueless as me about 'cool music'?


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