29 July 2014

Nobody says it better

Source: Banksy
So I was trying to work out exactly what I felt about MH17 and Gaza and stuff and I wrote this piece but then later that day Waheed Aly wrote something and it was SO MUCH BETTER.

So read his here The value of human life. That's pretty much what I wanted to say but said by somebody who knows how to say it just perfectly.

And I wanted to say something about how people can be really smug arses sometimes when it comes to parenting and well, life.  The parenting mafia often lack empathy and are recklessly judgemental about everything from Peaches Geldof to parenting styles.  And then Eden Riley wrote something and I thought - yes - THAT.  

So read her here Smug mothers polish mirrors.  And if you think you live an addiction free, trauma free, mistake free life, count your blessings rather than throwing stones around glass houses with gay abandon. 

And I was all cross about that Facebook page where women try to explain why they hate feminism (and actively prove they have never been blessed with a dictionary).  And they just look stupid.  So very very stupid.  

And the somebody set up this.  And it made the world a bit better because the point is so beautifully made we can relax again. Check out  Confused cats against feminism.  Don't look at the other one, it'll just make you mad.  

So I'm saying nothing today.  Not when it's all been said so articulately elsewhere.  

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