9 July 2014

The aged are conning us!

I just walked the girls to school.  Which means what takes me 9 minutes to wander, takes them 35 minutes to gallop, hop, crawl, skip, run, spin, be carried, whinge a little and count cars, dogs, letterboxes and high five a garden gnome.

We were over taken by this fabulous Croatian trio, combined age approximately 400 - 420 years.  They were old.  Spritely with it and they were walking with a little speaker kit hanging off the belt of the gent in the flat cap which was playing Pharrell William's 'Happy'.

And I realised right then and there (as they chucked the cheeks of my girls and we complimented the brisk morning and bright sunshine and compared it to the Dubrovnik skies of their youth) I realised that the aged/seniors/oldies are totally conning us.

Dubrovnik is amazing - go there
We're talking about people that lived through a war or two.  They saw man walk on the moon, colour television, wheels on suitcases, air travel becoming commonplace, telephones in houses, mobiles, computers, food processors, Martin Luther King, the building and the destruction of the Berlin Wall, the internet, motorised wheelchairs, pacemakers, screwtop wine, oh how the list goes on.

The world has changed more in the last 100 years than in any other century (that's a fact I read somewhere) and here they are sprinting around footpaths listening to 'Happy' and yet....

I bet if I'd asked any of that trio to keep in touch on Facebook or download their own music or show me pictures of their grandkids on their smartphones, they'd be all like "Oh, I couldn't possibly use something that new fangled".

And we'd run around and help them do things that they are perfectly capable of doing, probably more capable than any of us since they've just spent the last sixty to one hundred plus years adapting to change, while they sit there absolutely killing themselves laughing, all the while sprinkling themselves with the scent of talcum powder and helplessness.

It's a massive con.  We're the useless ones.  We're used to short cuts and technology and a first world economy and cheap flights and air bags and seat belts.  We're SOFT.  And yet, here we are talking about the older generations as if they're technophobic, helpless individuals.  For the love of the colour green - we're building intuitive technology and they're claiming to have none.

Betty White and Slash.  Exactly. Thank LA Zoo.
Well, jokes on us.  And oldies/the aged/seniors - I'm on to you.  Get those damn photos on your smart phone and friend me on Facebook.  I need to work on your music preferences...


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