9 July 2014

They aren't 'my gays' or 'my refugees'.

"What happened to 'your gays'? Forgotten them for the rapists trying to jump the queue?"

Fuck you.

You know something small minded arse hole?  Firstly - they're not 'my gays'.  My fervent belief that every single human being in this country deserves to be treated equally does not stem from me owning a merry band of homosexuals for whom I want privileges and tax breaks that benefit me and me alone.

That's the preserve of those wanting to maximise profit at the expense of the environment and you'll find them on the Christmas card list of the dishonourable Tony Abbott and the like.

In the age of information, to remain ignorant is an active choice.  If you don't know about the world around you and the violations of people's human rights happening in your name and the name of all Australians, well that isn't because you are 'not political', it's because it's too hard and too big and you don't want to know.

The violations of human rights and ongoing stupidity that is off shore detention and the stopped (reporting on) the boats, isn't a political issue.  We know that both major parties have turned a blind eye and by not actively opposing it in word and action, the Labor party have pretty much taken out front page banners saying "We're totally okay with abusing people that seek asylum".

I haven't stopped opposing marriage inequality.  I haven't stopped supporting the right of Australia's first people to be recognised in the constitution.  I haven't stopped supporting the efforts of people trying to sort out the environment.  I haven't stopped supporting World Vision, Cure Cancer or Amnesty.

It's just that at the moment, our country is behaving in a way which is abhorrent and wrong.  We are becoming xenophobic and cruel and an a country obsessed with 'I'.  We are willing to stand by and ignore the fact that asylum seekers are coming by boat because they are DESPERATE.  We listen to Scott Morrison say nothing and we don't' demand more from our government. They work for us people - this isn't a fucking dictatorship, it's not an autocracy.  It's democracy.  Tony and his team are violating INTERNATIONAL laws, stomping all over the very foundations of a democracy and you're bleating about being full.  Well you can shove that right up your over entitled ass.

The facts, FACTS, show that people that seek asylum by plane are only 40% likely to achieve refugee status.  Those coming by boat - in excess of 90%.  Refugees commit less crimes than politicians, footballers, little old fecking ladies.  They are persecuted people, hopeful of a future and desperate enough to try for Australia even though they know we are currently advocating cruelty instead of compassion.

I don't see you turning back planes.  Picketing the airports and what not.  They're not coming by planes because they've got papers saying their bonafide refugees - they claim refugee status once they get here. They're not coming by boat because they are rich - who the fuck would get on a leaky boat when they could fly in on Jetstar IF THERE WAS A CHOICE.

That's desperate.  If you need help do you go to the guy standing at the door yelling FUCK OFF WE'RE FULL?  No.  Not unless you're are desperate enough for your life and that of your family that'll you give it a go. They're coming to us because we signed the Refugee Convention and they mistakingly believe by signing it we meant it.

And Tony saying the asylum seeker mothers are morally blackmailing him?  He's got no freaking morals.  If mothers think the only way they can get their children to safety is by killing themselves  - what is that saying about us?  Jesus wept.

When did we become this country?  When did our xenophobia and our fear becoming the thing that defiines us?  When did we become condemned by the international community as a barbaric, cruel, bigoted country?  When did we stop being the land of the fair go and a bunch of entitled arses that can't extend a welcoming hand to some of the world's most vulnerable people.

So that's why I'm not banging on about 'my gays' at the moment.  I'm trying very hard to make sure people are becoming informed about one of the greatest shames of our 'settled' history, and believe me - it's had some stiff competition over the years.

When the world stage and our own former leaders compare our policies and approach to that of Nazi Germany - we are heading in the wrong fucking direction.  End of story.  And if I stay silent, if I don't bang on about it, then I am complicit.  Then I am supportive of it.  And it's not happening in my fucking name or the name of my children.

If you want to read something more structured and less emotional - I refer you to Julian Burnside's article http://thebigsmoke.com.au/2014/04/07/reality-boat-people-solution-asylum-seeker-problem/

In the meantime, go troll somebody else.  Next time I'll name you.  Dickhead.

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