4 August 2014

In my humble opinion

In my humble opinion, life consists of two main groups of people.

People that understand what 'opinion' means and those that don't.

For instance, some people are of the opinion that Sydney has the worst traffic in the world.  That's their opinion.  It's not fact.  It just means that they probably haven't travelled outside of Australia.

Other people have an opinion on your parenting style.  They are of the opinion that they could do it better.  And your opinion is that if their children are an example of what their parenting style produces you'd rather take your chances with your own methods.

Some people are of the opinion that brands matter.  Where mostly they don't.  Though it's not recommended to run 14 kilometres in a pair of Lowes sneakers purchased the day before the run.

Some people are of the opinion that Justin Bieber is a talent to rival the greats.  Of course there was a time when I was of the opinion that Indecent Obsession was one of the greats.  One word people. Puberty.  Opinions uttered during this period should never be held against you.

The scientific world ganged up on the planets and ditched Pluto.  Anybody who was educated prior to about 1990 find this a travesty even though our opinion probably doesn't matter one little bit to the educated folks who made the decision based on the facts.

Some are of the opinion that Scott Morrison is a Christian man doing great things for Australia by repelling hordes of safety seeking individuals.  

It's not just my opinion but fact that if you believe that you're an idiot.

And some are of the opinion that crocs are high fashion and others may disagree.  But I think we all share the opinion that having your underpants come up higher than your jeans is a fashion cycle we don't need to see repeated.

You don't have to share opinions to be friends with somebody.  Or even lovers.  My husband is of the opinion that leaving the coffee, sugar and filters out of the cupboard doesn't hurt anybody.  But he has never felt the physical pain that his lackadaisical approach to the morning routine causes me.

But ultimately, never trust a person that doesn't have one.  Opinions are representative of beliefs and values and the person themselves.  If they don't have an opinion they've probably not thought about things.

Which, in my opinion, is decidedly odd.

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