4 September 2014

Father's Day Fashionable Gift Ideas

So I thought I'd take a break from displaying what I'm wearing today.  Mainly because I've run out of different clothes, but also because it occurs to me that YOU ONLY HAVE 72 HOURS TO GET YOUR DAD SOMETHING FOR FATHER'S DAY.

And don't give me that bollocks about these days being nothing but creative marketing campaigns by global companies seeking to exploit us for cash.

That kind of reasoning just screams "I'm a tight arse and a miserable git".

Plus, your economy needs you.  Haven't you heard we're in an economic crisis and can't afford anything anymore except unnecessary jets, and doorknobs for rooms we don't use and tax cuts for Gina Rinehart's fatherless children and their endless court cases?

But as a do gooding fashionista - I've sought out ways you can get your Dad awesomely fashionable items FROM YOUR COMPUTER and show him that you turned out all right after all!


Spend $50 donating to Asylum SNEAKERS (see what they did there?) and your Dad will be sent a soccer shirt and a child will receive a pair of sports shoes.

Asylum seeking parents struggle to find the money to feed and house their families so 'extras' like sports are unaffordable.

Your paterfamilias will not only be the most dashing man about but he'll be improving Australia's chances of eventually winning the World Cup - something that appeals to any sports mad father.


Is your Dad more of the super hero type quietly going about his business?  Like Graeme and his beard here?

This Amnesty International Hoodie will celebrate his super powers and all those things while your $59.95 goes towards those unsung heroes in Australia and around the world striving for a world in which every person enjoys all of the human rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

And grey goes with anything!


Do you have a super handsome son of a gun Papa bear like me who has outgrown his hair height?

While it might be a while before your children are tall enough to notice he's bald, you can support Cancer Research and Support  buy purchasing him a hat.

Trilby, fedora, hemp, braided, bucket, wide brim, cool comfort (nothing cool about it but stylish with socks and sandals), safari or cricket - there's a style that suits every dad.


Have you got a father that only covers his Birthday Suit up when he goes to the grocery store?  And only then because he needs somewhere to put his wallet?

Well then, get him something from World Vision - like a set of mosquito nets which look very fetching when draped around the beds of a family for whom a mosquito bite can mean illness or death.

Actually, loads of options here and you can email them to him immediately - so he can wear the feeling of good will and universal love to lunch with you on Sunday.

Well fashion devotees - I hope that helps you with that last minute gift buying panic that hits everybody at the end of winter when the Christmas decorations start arriving in Myer before you've even noticed it's the second half of the year.

Make sure you send me pictures - and big love to your Dad.

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