1 September 2014

Not just a raving leftie.

While under the influence of conversations that included motor-boating, racists, blood types, books, somebody's misguided hatred of Paul Kelly, clairvoyants, paper mache shoes and other perfectly logical topics, I committed to a four week challenge for this blog.

That's what happens when you hang out with hilarious and clever people.  You get hoisted on your own sarky petard.  As Carolyn would say "Literally".

So to prove I'm not JUST an opinionated raving leftie I'm exploring my 'other personas'. So:

Week one. I am going to be a fashion blogger.
Week two. I am going to be a food blogger.
Week three. I am going to be a fitness blogger.
Week four. I am going to be a 'niche' blogger.

In case you don't know, fashion bloggers are people that inspire readers through their creative use of fashiony things to help them dress well, look good and generally be awesome.  They experiment with their own wardrobe and provide useful ways of creating capsule wardrobes and what not.  They are thrifty, clever and generally can name a brand of clothing.

I can name types of clothing.  It's close enough.

Today's styling is in the colour blue.  Let's pretend it was a deliberate choice.

This look is perfect for 'working from home', 'taking the children to childcare' and also can be used as 'signature look', 'excellent for travelling' and 'clean'.

Jeans are Lee Cooper (Big W), Cardigan is very old and probably from a shop near the train station when I forgot one going to work one day, shoes are blue but are basically Converse ripoffs that were meant to be a fill in until I got some more Converse and have now been worn for about 100 years and the t-shirt is Target (last year I think).

Now hair - note what I've done with it here.  This look is called 'brushed'. It is also known as 'softly accented with grey highlights' and 'I am totally getting a fringe again'.

This is called 'a bag'.  Or a 'capsule wardrobe'.  Basically my entire wardrobe fits in this bag (I'm really not kidding) so I took it to Problogger so I had something to wear. I hadn't unpacked by this morning so I had to 'trust the capsule' to make sure I did not leave the house in yesterday's t-shirt and knickers.

I swear Styling You and Hair Romance are shaking in their boots.  There is absolutely no doubt who will be the best selling fashion blogger at next year's PB event.

You're welcome world.  You're welcome.

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