2 September 2014

Trendy Tuesday

This morning I have been very gainfully employed by the following:

1. Yelling profanities at my phone because it reminded me of the Government's hypocrisy of worrying about the Syrians and Iraqis fleeing violence while they are in Syria and Iraq and determinedly locking them up when they come to us for refuge;

2. Worrying that Jane Caro has early onset dementia because for an articulate and intelligent woman whose chutzpah I admire, she seems to be talking in riddles and provocative soundbites these days;

3. Being thankful that even though my mother was one of those completely embarrassing mothers who gave a shit the whole way through high school, she NEVER once went on a public affairs TV show to talk about giving up her job to become a prostitute.  (Thanks Mum.  We owe you one.)

So I almost forgot I am a fashion blogger now and have an adoring public who has probably gone to work naked today without my sartorial guidance.  To your colleagues I apologise.

Today I am settling in for a focussed day of writing and research for a couple of my clients - so comfort is essential.  The weather is overcast with the possibility of rain but I'm not sitting outside, so that is totally irrelevant.

Today's look is a black t-shirt, a black zip up top and soft pants from Rockmans.  The t-shirt and the top have no labels in them so just choose your favourite brand and that is DEFINITELY what they are.  The shoes are exactly the same as yesterday but I assure you, underwear and socks have been completely changed.

The washing on the floor belongs to the children and I'll remember to move it for the next fashion shoot.  It's not particularly an on trend fashion prop - even I recognise that.

I had a revelation about my hair though - that is not regrowth my friends - that is Ombre or Balayage hair.  It's the hottest hairstyle going in 2011.  So hot right then.

So now that you are able to get dressed, feel free to start yelling profanities at your phone with me - your colleagues will find a fully dressed woman yelling profanities much less alarming than the naked version you've been until now.

As you were.  (Fashion bloggers must get a lot of sleep - this being inspirational is EXHAUSTING and I'm only up to day two)

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