17 September 2014

Visualisation as a fitness tool

Honestly, could I have written a more tosserific title for this post?

Answer. No.

When I was training for my ultra half marathon (I really did do this - I'm not just making it up for comic effect), there was lots of talk about visualisation.

This is big in any goal setting - why are you doing what you are doing and what does it look like.  I was asked what my fitness goal was for the training program and I replied "Don't die".  I am pleased to say that visualising obviously worked because I didn't.

It doesn't always go right.  Just ask Aron Ralston.  But theoretically - it's a winner. Mind over matter and all that malarkey.  But if you're in any way like the majority of the population this is you:

And this is completely okay.  But since visualisation works, here are some pictures that will help you. I find each and every one of them a genuine reason to move.

Be clear about your motivation.  You don't need to have wholesome aims, just realistic ones.

If it's the difference between living and dying? Move. 

He did.  He really did. 

This is true.  Absolutely. 

Keep your goals practical. And take loo paper. 

Happy visualisation people. 

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