29 December 2014

I heart my friends

Yesterday I spent some time re-reading the cards that I was given for my 40th birthday earlier this month and I cried.  Just like I did when I read them the first time.

Fuck my friends are beautiful.

I got some gorgeous gifts.  Really thoughtful, inspired gifts.  I was incredibly spoilt.  But I tell you what, the cards are a gift that will keep on giving long after people forgot what they wrote.  Even the ones that just say Dear Al, Happy Birthday, LOVE xxx

I am loved. 


And so fortunate to have such big hearted, gorgeous, amazing friends.  Friends that give without expectation.  Their time, their shoulders, their joy, their love.  They give it.  They give it some more and just when you think that they must be totally sick of you.  BAM. Some more love.

They are none of them perfect.  Any more than I. Which is what makes them all the more perfect for me.  I have no friends for whom things matter more than people.  Not one.  And I know enough to know that this is rare.  

These cards. These wonderful, thoughtful, caring words. I am not going to box them away out of sight, but rather keep them in a drawer close by so when I have days where self esteem kicks the shit out of self belief - I can dip into them, reinvigorate my heart. 

Words are powerful beyond measure.  As is friendship.

Thank you for both. 
The crispiest bacon bits

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