10 December 2014

Isn't it lovely? #humanrights365

If you're one of the lovely people that read my blog because they are interested in watching my brain vomit its content into the universe to see what lurks within - hello!

If you're one of those lovely people that read my blog so that they can mutter all about how it's all very well for me to bang on about things like marriage equality, bigotry, asylum seekers, building toilets, supporting third world development and the like but it doesn't affect you and quite frankly you think my lefty do gooding rants are misguided and ill informed, and think there are problems we can focus on that are much more important even if you can't name one right now - hello!

But isn't it lovely that we're all able to be here having an opinion?

Isn't it lovely that I can wave a water pistol around my local park and nobody shoots me?

Isn't it lovely that me and my well meaning white family can go about our business with nobody taking a blind bit of notice of any of us or making any assumptions about us apart from thinking that the mother seriously needs a hair cut?

Isn't it lovely that somebody can ring Nick at work tomorrow and he can say "Sorry, I don't have the authority required to answer that question" and nobody will fire rocket launchers at him as he drives home that night and then attempt to kill his family?

Isn't it lovely that when I want to have a wee or a poo I can go and do so in complete safety, even if my privacy is violated by a two year demanding a hug?

Isn't it lovely that I can freely send into the universe my opinions on the politics of this country, put my name to it and not find myself strung up by my wrists, whipped with electrical cords and systemically raped for traitorous behaviour?

Isn't it lovely that I can work on the assumption that my daughters will have full access to a solid education without ever having to fear that their school bus will be boarded by armed militants who put a bullet in their head because they are females wanting an education?

Isn't it lovely that the life expectancy of the four of us is pretty damn good because we have access to food, water and medical assistance which help us potter along to a great age?

Isn't it lovely that when Nick and I decided to get married we were able to do that despite the fact that he was brought up as a Methodist and I was brought up as a Catholic?

Isn't it lovely that we happened to be of the heterosexual persuasion and never had to worry about coming out, staying in or any other such thing?

Isn't it lovely that if I decided I wanted to go to a church to celebrate the birth of the man they call Jesus this month, nobody is going to spit on me, hurl abuse or even hit me in front of my children for believing something different to what they do?

Isn't it lovely going to bed and not having my house torpedoed during the night and my death written off as collateral damage, and my neighbours forced to flee and then exist for years in refugee camps as a bunch of politicians work out which group of men with guns they are siding with?

Isn't it lovely that I was lucky enough to be born with enough checks in the right boxes to be able to take my human rights for granted?  A lucky lucky zygote me!

Isn't it lovely that most of Australia lives like that? Not all. No, not all.

Isn't it lovely that the United Nations committed to a charter of rights for every individual on the planet so that those not blessed by happenstance can hope for the same freedoms that I do, knowing that they are not alone in working towards that truth?

So next time you're weighing up whether or not somebody has 'the right', the answer is 'yes'.

If we are all human, we are all equal.  Each and every one of us deserving of the same rights.  And if one single person doesn't enjoy those same rights - then we are not equal, and we should all be standing tall and demanding those rights irrespective of race, religion, gender or our personal opinions.

If you deny the rights of any - you are tacitly agreeing to your OWN human rights being overthrown should circumstances change.  The very thing you think doesn't matter because you don't think it important, is often the one thing that would transform a life.  If circumstances were different, that transformation could be your life.

Every right matters.  Every single human right matters. Even if you don't want it for yourself. That's always a dumb argument.

Human rights are everybody's business. All of the time.

Isn't it lovely?

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