11 December 2014

Peoples minds are warped

You know what I think about Yumi Stynes taking her baby out in just a nappy?

Hot baby.  As in on a 30 something degree day the baby was hot.

That's it.
Know what I think about all the judgemental types banging on about what is right and respectable and proper and appropriate and correct and and and and and and....

You're the problem.

We live in a world where we are judged constantly.  We always have.  Our parents and grandparents generation lives with 'What will other people think?' so deeply ingrained in their psyches it's practically cultish.

The simple fact is - it's none of your damn business.  If you are so hung up on what other people are thinking about a baby's right to bear chubby arms and rounded tummy you have a problem. Not Yumi. Not her husband.  Not her baby. And obviously not Johnson's marketing team.

The cuteness. Total ovary explosion.
Yumi dressed her baby as a baby.  Not a fashion accessory. Not story bait. Just a baby.  Anything anybody projected on to that one simple act is representative of their own minds - and people - it wasn't pretty.  A lot of people have twisted, nasty, petty minds that are smaller than a very small thing.

Children get approximately five years between birth and school to live freely.  They can wear what they want, where they want, when they want.  Want to wear your best dress to childcare? Go bonkers. Want to sleep in your ballerina tutu? Go bonkers? Want to go barefoot? Go bonkers.  Want to wear your Buzz Lightyear outfit to soccer practice? Go bonkers. Want to wear a swimsuit over your jeans and tshirt? Go bonkers.  Want to wear stickers on your cheeks to grocery shop? Go bonkers.

After those five years - they enter the system.  They wear uniforms. They develop friendship circles who influence their style and fashion choices. They play sports. Grow taller. Grow older. More uniforms. Then the uniform of non-conformity. Then the uniform of young adulthood. Employment.

But before school? Let them be free to dress however they freakin' well want.

We rail against magazines that tell us what size to be, we petition department stores for longer shorts for girls and somehow, are completely oblivious to the judgemental bollocks we spill out. Our prejudices, our insecurities, our pettiness all spewed into the universe on social media, at the water coolers, over coffee about a baby that dressed like a baby.

Packing for a weekend away
Before we judge Yumi's parenting - think on this, what example are you setting? What makes your choices about dressing children 'right' and others 'wrong'? Why of all the issues there are in the world did you choose this one to be the thing that you articulate an opinion on?

And in the meantime - calm the fuck down. Please.

Pssst... I hear her parents sometimes use CLOTH NAPPIES said no baby ever

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