1 December 2014

Signs you're not getting that Santa photo this year

So it's December first and even though I swore I'd never be the kind of parent that had their children have Santa photos - my first kid was so adorable I couldn't walk past Santa without propping her next to him and getting the photo.  To be fair, I was hard pushed to walk past anything and not photograph her next to it. In fact, sometimes I just photographed her without a prop and be damned with the consequences.

Then I had another baby - she was also ridiculously cute and thus it continued.  One big photo journal of my kids generally being adorable.  And then one year Tully wanted Mum and Dad in the photo or she wouldn't have her photo taken and we launched in so enthusiastically we probably scared Santa. Because we have embraced the fact that kids LOVE things that aren't cool or hip or trendy or in any way dignified.

But this year, there are some signs that not even the presence of the parentals is going to get our Cassidy to pose with Santa.

  1. She is terrified by people dressed up as ketchup bottles handing out Heinz samples.
  2. She is terrified by people dressed up as Pandas advertising WWF.
  3. She is terrified by people dressed up as Koalas protesting fracking.
  4. She is terrified by people dressed up as Kermit playing a banjo.
  5. She is terrified by people dressed up as the Monkey at Monkey Mania.
  6. She is terrified by the original Banana's in Pyjamas - ie: people in costumes not animations.
  7. She is terrified by Santa.
And we haven't even met him yet.  We just walked past him with the grocery trolley and before you could say 'Hey look see' she had vaulted out of the trolley, wrapped her arms around my neck in a manner designed to cause lose of life, pressed her face into mine and was crying "I don't like Santa".  

We had to walk past him twice more and when I say 'by him' I mean - cross through a crowded shopping mall somewhere within 100 metres of him but she could smell him I reckon.  And not just because Santa Claus is always liberal with the Brut.  

I tried chatting about it - What about if Tully wants to have a photo with you and Santa?

Nope. I don't like Santa. 

What about if Mum and Dad were in the photo?

Nope. I don't like Santa. 

What about....


So I think I'll leave off telling her that Santa is coming to her Christmas concert this Saturday and just be sure to wear protective clothing to prevent strangulation by off spring.  And start saving for the therapy.  Because there is 24 days until Christmas and the chances of Santa sightings are quite high. 

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