29 January 2015

I got me a new look


The day has come... Talking Frankly has a new logo thanks to the incredibly talented graphic designer - Jenny Pratt.

This is it.

Or you could look at the top of the page and see it there too.  Like any time you want.  

And I'd like to invite you to sign up to be a Franklophile!  Which basically means you'll get my newsletter regularly which will contain the secrets of the universe (this could be a lie) and absolutely no fashion advice whatsoever.  May contain giveaways and will definitely be by me. 

Sign up by clicking the following sentence -


AWW thanks.... you're so lovely.

Talking Frankly needed something to take it forward into the future.  Sure I could have just given it a swift kick in the rear - but the logo is a much nicer way of doing it. 

All feedback welcome.

Big love xoxox

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