12 January 2015

Turns out we live here

There has been a realisation in these last couple of weeks which strangely enough, has taken us by surprise. 

We live in Sydney.  

Both girls knew the name of this building before their own address
I know, we've been here since 2007, you'd think we'd have noticed by now.  But the thing is, we never came to stay.  We originally moved here from London because I'd run out of visa options over there and he'd never been to Australia so why not?  

We originally said a year - partially because that's what we thought and partially because Nick took so long to tell his parents that we were practically boarding the plane before he dropped it into conversation that their darling son was moving with the profaning Australian to the other side of the world. 

Privately, we thought possibly two years - being realistic and all. 

And then we got engaged and got proper jobs and with me having a large family it made sense to get married over here. So we did.  And then we had one baby, and then another.  If people asked us about what we were doing any more than about one week out we were always like - it'll depend on whether or not we are living here or in London.

And it was possible.  He's a Brit, I was working for a British company and since he'd lived in three cities by the time he was six, and I had lived in five, neither of us were particularly bothered by this notion that children had to be in one place for their formative years.  

But in the past week or so we were surprised to realise that not only do we live in Sydney, we have to enrol our child in a school for next year. And we have also been made aware that we are part of a very small, practically non existent, group of people who have not spent the first five years of our daughter's life wondering where she is going to go to school. #badparenting

Source: ytravelblog - the sunset and our local bridge
We live here and must have done for a while it seems.  I no longer work for a British company, I run my own business. Nick's has been in his current job longer than we've been married. We have an amazing, supportive tribe of friends. We love the city. Our girls recognise the local neighbourhood better than we do - it is their familiar territory.  They are going to go to the local public primary school, along with friends that are, um, also local. 

In short, Sydney is home.

I still miss the physicality of London, there is no other city like it. And it goes without saying that we miss our friends and family, Nick particularly. But somehow, after almost eight years in the city, having to pick a school for our daughter has made us recognise that our thinking had shifted, without us even noticing. 

Locals hanging at the local park
That one year, turned into, um, a bit longer than planned. 

Here's hoping his parents haven't noticed yet.  

PS: No, we have not enrolled our girls in high school or even thought about where they might go.  You see, we don't know if we'll be here or in London.

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