20 January 2015

Why the hate little man?

One of the things that perplexes me in life is how people can use the internet to find out incorrect information but completely fail to use that same tool to find correct information.

Another thing that perplexes me is mullet hair cuts.  It's not business at the front, party at the back, it's just a very bad haircut which flatters not a single human being ever.

source: www.prettyfknembroidery.com
Yet another perplexity is the amount of time people put into being bigots.  Imagine what they could achieve if they spent half the time and effort hating on somebody doing something else.  Like building lego or pulling weeds out of cemeteries or mindfulness. There really is something out there for everybody.

Last night I was at gathering of volunteers that come together to work out how we can help asylum seekers and refugees settle into their communities.  Actively demonstrate welcome as it were.  It's not religious or unreligious, it's not good or bad, it's not black or white, it's just a small group of people who in their own small way are living by the hashtag #dontbeadick.

source: www.prettyfknembroidery.com
Some arsehat stood outside the pub we were sitting in with a sign that was offensive.  Mainly because the information on it was incorrect as well as bigoted and the guy holding it had a mullet.  And then he posted a picture of his protest on his Facebook page which was kind of sweet because otherwise we would have remained blissfully aware of his stand against our 'do gooding'.

But then because I'm a nosy cow I started to trawl through his page (whaaat? His privacy settings are not on obviously) and there are a couple of daft comments by people that don't know any of us accusing our wee group of merry folk of being crypto christians, faux christians and drinkers.

And muslim lovers.
source: www.prettyfknembroidery.com

  1. There is nothing crypto about christianity - that's the Superman comics. 
  2. I never wear fake christians - I'm allergic.
  3. That's true. There's a lot of merit in the Bacchanalian approach to life.
  4. Also true.  If somewhat generalised.  I'm sure there is the odd Muslim I'm not fond of, just as there is the odd Atheist/Humanist/Christian/Hindu/Buddhist/Bacchanalian/Bacon lover of whom I am less than fond.  
This man spends a lot of his life being hateful.  He has pages and pages and pages of pictures of him failing the #dontbeadick test. And it saddens me quite genuinely that a man with that kind of energy for life can't put his focus on something that would result in happiness and goodwill for all.

Like the hover board.  That shit needs to be sorted by October right?  

(Sighs)  I just don't get the energy that goes into hating on people.  I really don't. 

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