12 February 2015

Happy Host of Digital Parents Blog Carnival

I have always loved this quote by Steve Martin -

“Some people have a way with words, and other people...oh, uh, not have way.”

I kind of feel it sums up the blogging process.

Some days when you write, the words just flow out of you and you can almost feel the shape of the words in your mouth as you pound them out on the keyboard. Then, when they tumble onto the screen, they have a flavour which is almost visceral and the world is a good and beautiful place.

And then there are the days where an idea or a notion will not be articulated no matter the effort you put in to trying to shape it and the world is bleak and mean.

With that in mind, this month I am hosting the Digital Parents Blog Carnival which is an array of 'Best of' blogs from last month as chosen by the writers themselves.

It's kind of a degustation for the mind - where you get to dip into an assortment of posts and get a taste of what is on offer.

That said, without further fuss or bother - go feast.

Becci's Domestic Bliss           
Tucker Tuesday: Recipe ~ Lemon MeringueCheesecake                        
The perfect accompaniment for Australia Day. Lemon Meringue Cheesecake. So easy and so yummy!                     
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Sustaining Community         
When is it OK for kids to walk home alone?                  
Some parents are being investigated for letting their children (aged 10 and 6) to walk a mile home from a park. Has the "stranger danger" message gone too far?            
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Finding Myself Young  
The reason why I'm determined to leave a footprint on this world.                    
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Gift Grapevine           
What scared you as a kid?               
I share 4 things that scared the bejesus out of me. Can you relate to any of these or am I just a weirdo?!            
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Wish U.S Were Here 
U.S Online shopping from Down Under!                
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Where the Wild Things Were         
Conversations with Teenagers                   
How motherhood changes as your child grows up 
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Adventure, Baby!     
Parenthood comes with a full load of self doubt.  
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Did you hear about this new singer, Paul Mac-something or other? Apparently he's some old English guy. Anyway, Kanye has given him a leg up in the music industry. Gotta love that humble megalomaniac.           
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Food, Glorious Friendly Food  
40 Friendly Food Lunchbox Fillers                  
40 recipes for filling those lunchboxes with REAL food!  All free from wheat, dairy, sugar and additives, and most are nut free too. 
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Have A Laugh On Me  
Amessage for parents with shy kids              
Being a shy child is very hard and not just on the child.   
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Uncle Phil is a bit of a fixer-upper               
Maybe I've gone a little Frozen mad {or maybe my husband has}. Maybe he is a bit of a fixer-upper or maybe it's true love! 
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My Brown Paper Packages 
One Word                
Kicking the year off with a declaration of how I hope my year plays out, followed by 17 posts for January, including everything from recipes, special guests, travel, craft and more! 
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Leonie Percy Blog     
This post is about creating mindful moments in your day and how to practice mindfulness with your kids.       
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Betty and the Beast  
Infestation and Home Sweet Home              
"HOUSE ATTACKED BY NITS. Also we manage to set up our home. Hilarity ensues."                
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Pinky Poinker          
Although most of you are squinting at this in the far distance: BEWARE!         
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Barbie Bieber and Beyond 
Quick Pass Me A Paper Bag!                  
The moment when you realise that your daughter is all grown up. This being her final year of high school, I reflect and wonder where the time has gone. Wonder if she has the tools to be successful in life and question my own mortality....     
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Calm to Conniption   
TheBreast Offence       
The prep work has started early. I am all about putting my best breast forward when it comes to feeding time for my new bub.            
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The Stay-cation                    
Remember when you were a kid and the most vivid summer memories were always about simple fun under the sun with your friends and family. Here's our stay-cation in pictures.      
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Dadinating the Countryside 
We went to a sleep school recently, this post is a bit of an intro on what they are, and why dads should go. 
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Mumma McD Blogs 
Whatthe hell is the Paleo diet anyway?             
A newbies guide to 'going Paleo' - and what I learnt over a month of living Paleo.           
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The Urban Ma           
January - My life in pictures in the first month of 2015. From family time and work to places we ate and played in Melbourne, get to know us and our little adventures in life :)   
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Kid Magazine 
Olivia'sFirst Birthday Party            
Our spotty dotty first birthday party complete with "Bikkie Bar", gorgeous fresh flowers and lots of colourful decorations.            
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Big Kid Little Kid       
HowTo Survive When Your Child Is In Hospital      
A Survival Guide for Parents who have a child in hospital. Demos K shares insights from his family's own experiences. 
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Two Little Humans and Me 
Q&A with Steve Worland, creator ofPaper Planes                
A one on one interview with Steve Worland, creator of the great new Aussie flick, Paper Planes
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The Mummy and the Minx   
The School Parent's Creed                       
A creed for parents as we enter the school year. More kind. Less Competition. More Grace. Less Judgement. More good examples for our kids.        
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Simplify Create Inspire 
11 tips for surviving summer pregnancy              
Pregnancy during summer can be tough but there are ways to ease the discomfort          
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Pretty Wee Things    
DIY Vitamin Water               
In the heat of Summer, staying hydrated is important.  instead of reaching for fizzy, processed juice or store bought vitamin water for hydration, try making this DIY vitamin water.      
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Our Parallel Connection   
Making friends at high school                 
Going to high school can be scary and hard to make new friends ... Tips on ways to make friends from a teenagers perspective    
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Book love: January             
Attempting 12 books this year. This month is an audiobook we all listen to in the car. It means I don't have to listen to Frozen on repeat. Win win!     
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A Rear Facing Family            
DearMr. Derek Bavaird of Jan Stewart Prams    
A far better realistic representation of what exactly Extended Rear Facing really is!!          
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Six Little Hearts      
A Weekend in Melbourne - Adara Collins Review             
Our weekend spent at the beautiful Adara Collins hotel and a guide to some family fun in the heart of Melbourne. Plus a special accommodation offer.        
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Sweet Words Pretty Pictures   
OOTD Cowgirl Relic Rose              
An outfit post showcasing the beautiful handmade jewellery by Cowgirl Relic Designs. 
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Lamington Ice Cream Slice      
The perfect summer treat that’s quick, simple, icy cool and delicious…… a ‘Lamington Ice Cream Slice’.   
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Melanie Greenhalgh 
FFF......Fitness Fanatic Failure              
I'm a 38 year old woman and I know the ins and outs of weight loss, getting fit and staying healthy and yet I struggle! Read on to find what I've done to try to overcome my aversions to fitness!            
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A Litte Part of the World  
Creating a boys bedroom             
Transitioning my Son out of a cot into a bed meant changing his room from a nursery to a little boys bedroom. Here are the finished photos of the room and what I used to create the look. 
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Jewelry Making @ CraftGossip       
Jewelry Packagaing For Valentine's Day                   
Great things come in small packages but what if the packaging was great too? Amazingly easy and fun ways to package your Valentin's day gifts.                       
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Ever-changing Life of a Mum         
The school yard journey                
With Miss 5 heading off for her first day at school, I'm wondering where those years have gone. It also brings back memories of my eldest starting school.   
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Checks and Spots    
Which Order Should I Apply My Skincare Products In?             
Eye cream before or after moisturiser? When do I put on SPF? And what about a serum? Find out how to apply your skin care products in the right order.          
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The Climbing Tree    
ThingsI've learnt from my first year of videography                
2014 was my first year of Project Life scrapbooking. I learnt heaps, and it's changing the way I'm using the project this year! These are some of my tips.        
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The Laney Files 
What It's like to have 4 children: Part 2: Why It's Brilliant                     
I wrote this as a part 2 to a post about how having four kids can be 'crazy-making'. It's also pretty great!                
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The Mama Minute    
Frombaby to boy        
Mourning the fact my little baby is turning into a little man. 
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