31 March 2016

You. Yes you. Stop being a racist d*ck.

I can't make everything right. I can't magically fix the world. But every now and then I have the opportunity to stop the world being a little bit stupid by pointing out what is painfully obvious to almost everybody else but which some people just don't get.

This is one of those times. 

The following expressions, and many like it, mean you are a racist. Maybe only a little bit racist (thanks AvenueQ for the earworm) but still - racist.
  • "Them Chinese are shoddy."
  • "Well he WAS an Indian taxi driver."
  • "Couldn't find a real Australian at the fete for all the Asians."
  • "Are there any of your kind at the school you attend or is it all, you know?"
  • "Oh no, not a local black, a foreign black, you can trust them."
  • "You can't be Kanye without a black face."
  • "Why did a pretty blonde like you marry an Oriental?"
  • "Aboriginals are all addicts at heart."
I get that you might not recognise you are racist - because you certainly don't get that you're unkind and making a prize twat of yourself whenever you open your mouth, but it's not okay people. 

It's not okay to say it to somebody you are serving in a bank.

It's not okay to assume a blonde women is the nanny if her children have Asian heritage.

It's not okay to make negative generalisations about an entire race based on your disdain for anybody that doesn't speak English as a first language.

It's not okay to dispossess a native people and then buy the bloody Daily Telegraph and absorb it's hate as gospel.

It's not okay to badmouth people at the next table to yours because you don't think they can hear you.

It is not okay to refer to people of colour when you are artificially orange. #drumpf

I could go on. But let's stick with it's not okay to make any kind of negative judgement based on any kind of visible difference ever.

It's definitely not okay to assume that because I have the fair skin of my Celtic ancestors and English as my native tongue that I'm a racist arse like you and want to participate in conversations perpetuating hate. 

It's just not okay. It is especially not okay to say it to me, in front of my children, around my friends, about my friends or about the guy over that I really don't like because he's a knobstick.

I don't want to have to tell my daughters that you're talking bullshit. That you are spewing hate and that you are clearly an idiot because you think somebody's skin colour or racial heritage means that you are better than they are. 

I don't want my daughters' friends exposed to casual racism, deliberate racism or any other kind of racism because they have a more melanin in their skin. I don't want my girls to notice the colour of their friends skin for any other reason than they love to get these things just right when they do their colouring in.  They know that some of their friends look different to them but they don't care because they choose friends on the basis of shared interests and, BECAUSE THEY LIKE THEM, not because they have a matching skin colour. 

Kids might be weird but they are a whole lot smarter than us in this regard.  We're the ones that fuck it up for them with our petty prejudices and skin related arrogance.

So. Just. Stop.  Stop with the racism.

You're embarrassing yourself. 

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