4 April 2016

Rent: Not the musical

We're renters.

You know, people that don't own a house.

Mainly because we kind of hadn't really decided which country we were going to live in so like all good people faced with hard decisions we decided not to think about it.

This century we've lived in three countries and 9 towns/cities in that time so clearly we have commitment issues when it comes to locations. That said, we've been in our last place for 3.5 years which is the longest we've lived anywhere since Y2K didn't happen.

Our current place is a great house with a kick arse back yard and lovely neighbours.

But our landlordlady wants to move back in. Possibly because it's a great house with a kick arse back yard and lovely neighbours.

Either way we're on the move sometime in the very near distant future.

And even though we've only known that for 3.5 half days I'm obsessed with refreshing real estate sites every 3.5 seconds to see if somebody has put up a new place in the area we want to live.

Which is pretty much exactly where we are. We have a kid at school now and another starting next year and we love our local community which is packed with really lovely people. So much so my social tourette's gets a work out whenever I go outside and Nick dreads the words 'By the way did I mention......?". We use words like 'catchment area' and can name every park in a 3 kilometre radius. We are completely smug about how close we are to the city and to the water and to Dan Murphy's.

Moving doesn't bother me as such. Yes it's expensive and annoying. Rent will be inevitably be higher, moving costs are astronomical, we hate dismantling furniture and trampolines almost as much as hate putting them together and Nick just doesn't pack the same way as me so we may even have to find two places if he can't agree to do it my way.

But that's what moving is like. Adrenalin inducing.

It's the desire to stay local which has taken me by surprise. I don't need much excuse at all to move on from a place, try somewhere new or do something different. I still hanker for London as much as I love Sydney.  But here I am, pushing refresh to make sure I don't miss out on staying put.

And staying put is strangely adrenalin inducing.

Go figure.

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