13 July 2016

It's okay to be loved up

I read an article in the wee hours of this morning.

You know how it is - you can't sleep so you read the news, when you've finished reading every 'real' news article known to mankind on every single news site you can find and you are thoroughly depressed about the state of the world, you click on the one about the world's best doughnuts or something and then you just keep reading the articles that follow until you've fallen down a rabbit hole so deep you no longer know what's real or otherwise - well, I was there.

I read an article titled 'The problem with flaunting your love on Facebook" and it made me so cranky.

For more than one reason.

Firstly - it was about 'a former deputy mayor' from a Sydney council. I don't know why he was ever news to start with, but he definitely doesn't deserve the column inches devoted to him now.

Secondly - it was actually an article covering probable domestic violence and a relationship breakdown dressed up as 'concern' which always annoys me.

Thirdly - it's OKAY to be loved up and flaunt your love wherever you damn well please.

Sure, you might 'flaunt' your love all over your social media platforms through photos and love messages and whatever else and, YES,  it might end - but that is life.  If your social media platforms end up a testament to five or six or even sixty LOVE OF MY LIFE declarations - who gives a shit. Well done to you for living life with such merry abandon and positivity.

And YES, being that open does allow people to have opinions about what went wrong or not, whether or not you're actually sane to be dating yet another guy from the same gym, or your disastrous choice of filters BUT they're having those opinions anyway because they clearly have nothing better to do with their time than be hating on your happiness.

In fact, while they're hating on your happiness, it's probably stopping them penning outraged letters about Halal to the Jewish butcher, or stuffing bikkies in their face as they sneer at Jennifer Aniston's tummy, or whatever it is that the mean spirited do to fill their days.

In a world that is full of misery, if you want to shout out from the rooftops about your love for John or Barry or Bridget or the married couple you might on your swinging holiday - go bonkers.

If I don't care I can just scroll straight past your post and if I do care, I can stop and click 'like' or if I really think this new love is the nicest person you've ever met - I'll comment with lots of happy loved up emojis because that's what the cool kids do these days.

Don't let the fear of failure hold you back from spreading that happiness around if that is what you want to do. Most of us would be a whole lot better off if we spent more time shouting about happiness and love and glitter and unicorns without worrying if it'll come back to bite us in a week, a year or a decade.

A life led as exuberantly and as positively as possible should always be Plan A.  That's why there is 26 letters in the English alphabet - so you can keep on keeping on planning for success, happiness and whatever else rocks your boat.

And if that isn't enough, start on the Khmer alphabet - you've got 74 more plan options right there.

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